Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Wonders of Herbal Healing.

One thing I love so much about Etsy is the wide range of shops on there. You never know what you may find! When I started my shop, I wanted to mainly focus on the all natural aspect, as well as utilizing the resources from the earth. I spent countless hours reading as many herbal books as I could find. You'd be surprised at what we have at our fingertips! 

I used to be the type of girl who would buy whatever at the drugstore. I would read the label and instantly go, huh??!? Honestly, what is all that crap? Chemicals (in my opinion, anyway. Sadly, some beg to differ) do nothing for you. They are bad, they strip out your natural oils and dry out your skin (can we say, early aging)! So when I was thinking about starting my shop, I knew then and there any form of chemical, paraben or harsh anything would NOT make it into my products.

There are many shops out there very similar to mine that utilize the earth's resources. I downright LOVE these shops. I checked my Etsy account today and seen this shop add me to their circle. I love everything they have listed. It's like a massive healing garden of salves and teas. The shop is KsNatureProducts. Here are some of my favorite things in her shop (that I will have to get!!!):

This stuff is healing in a jar! How fantastic! Comfrey is certainly one of the best herbs out there for rapid healing. If you see Comfrey as an ingredient in something you're interested in, it's certainly something you need to have on hand. You never know when it will come in handy!

I seriously could go on and on about Calendula. Out of any herb, Calendula has to be at my top favorite. This is the ULTIMATE healing source around. It is an antiseptic, it's antibacterial as well as antiviral. It's basically a wonder flower. It is in the Marigold family (you have to be very careful if you have these in your garden, because you have to make sure it's the right genus and species (if you plan on using them), because some Marigolds are actually poisonous, ie, the French Marigold).

Ahhh!!! Lady seriously needs this! I find this to be quite fantastic actually! Essential oils are brilliant. You can find an essential oil for just about any, and I mean ANY, plant/herb around. An essential oil is a concentrated liquid extracted from a plant. You need very little of this in a diluted compound (olive oil is a big one) to be able to be used. You can read more about them here. You cannot use it directly on the skin, it can be quite dangerous. Mixing the right essential oils together can yield a special product, like this bug repellent for dogs! I have my own homemade bug spray in the summer that utilizes many different essential oils to rid away skeeters! 

She also has so many other great products ranging to helping your insomnia to taking good care of your cuticles! I know once I start getting a paycheck in again, I will certainly have to get some goodies from her! 



  1. Hello Rachel.

    Thank you so much for posting this blog about my products. Your explanation about the herbs and materials are really great and very educational. I totally believe that our health and our animals health is much better when we use natural products. I hope more and more people will find their way back to nature.
    Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


  2. You're ever so welcome Kerstin!! Happy New Year to you as well :o)



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