Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Last night, I totally had a lightbulb moment. I know on here I talk about Crandon, a lot, and I was sitting there thinking how much I wish you guys could see what I see when I'm up there. Then I totally remembered, I shot a few videos of Crandon last summer.

So here I am, sharing the few videos I have with you all! The first video is when I was on Little Rice Lake with my family. We were out fishing and then we seen this gorgeous Bald Eagle soaring right above our heads. So I decided to shoot a video of it! I love eagles so so so much! They are one of my favorite animals of all time. I get so exhilarated when I see one when I'm up north. I've seen them so many times now, it shouldn't be a shock, but it always is. Can't help it I suppose ;)

This next video is of me shooting a Red Winged Black Bird and a little bit of the lake. There's a slightly funny (but not really) story behind this one...I seen this Red Winged Black Bird. I thought this bird was something special, especially because I never seen one before (that I know of anyway). So I was so stoked, I had to video it. Until my Uncle tells me later that they are all over the city and are nothing special. I was bummed at this, but I still think they are awesome birds! I wish I would have filmed this one better. I kinda swooshed past the lake pretty quickly in this one. I promise that I'll take a better one this summer!! Oh, and totally ignore me cawing at the bird, I'm a dork...

And then there is this last video...It's of a thunderstorm that's moving across the lake. I especially love this video because you can hear what Crandon sounds's so beautiful!! All you hear is birds chirping and crickets and the lake swooshing back and forth. I love it. When I miss Crandon a lot, I play this video. The original is much longer, but I wanted you guys to get a taste!

This summer, I think I'm going to do a camping series. We have no internet up there, but I'd love to show you guys some things we do up there! Ahh, June can't come quick enough!!!!


ps. I finally have a Youtube channel... autumnbalmbotanicals ...which means, time for Vlogs!!! I think the first will be that regional dialect video that's been going around for awhile now!

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