Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Fancy!

I've been obsessed with this shop for, oh gee, quite awhile. I've been wanting one of her hats for-ev-er. She has the best color combinations around, and I can only imagine how amazing they'd feel on my skull! This one would be perfect for me! Eep!

I love the look of feather earrings. They would look pretty snazzy in my ears because my hair is so short. If only I weren't stretching my lobes right now...sigh. 

I really love the look of hand-dyed yarn. There is something so special and unique about it. This rainbow lot is no exception. It's noting but pure beauty and I could think of some great things to make with this!! One thing I have to do before I die is dye my own yarn. How awesome would that be??

I'm lovin' this beautiful vintage fabric high wasted skirt. It's simply beautiful. Best part is that they even make it to your size!! Pretty cool!

This little felted kitty is sooooo adorable. Look at those eyes! It's only 11cm tall! Aweee. 

I'm so excited that it's Friday. My brother and I spent the morning at the junk yard. I have a flat tire & my car didn't come with a spare so we were on a search to find me a spare or a new tire for the time being. I really wish I brought my camera because there were some neat pics that would have been taken! **Note to self: Start bringing my camera EVERYWHERE. I got a couple Instagram shots that I will share in a little while.

In other news...

  • I'm really lovin this post by Elycia. I am fully inspired by her and will be getting myself a journal specifically for blog ideas. I should have done this a loooong time ago, but I promised myself this year to do great things with this blog, so thinking things out in better detail will do a world of wonders! 
  • This post from Mandy/Miss Indie is pretty great. In the recent times (circa 2009 until now), I kind of fell off the "What's Popular in America" bandwagon. Normally, I would have known about the Hunger Games well before it got popular. But did I? Nope. Just heard about it So yeah, I need to get on this. 
  • I just stumbled across this blog last night, and I'm already in love. It's called Mini Penny incase you were curious. I have MAJOR hair envy of this girl. Lovin' the blog! I recommend checking it out! 

So that's all for me today, I hope your Friday is peachy keen and fun. 


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  1. I know! I'm so behind on The Hunger Games. I need to google it and see what the crap everyone's talking about. lol


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