Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This, my friends, has to be one of my all time favorite manicures!! I've been dying to get my hands on the perfect Essie color. I have never used them in the past, but have been meaning to for the longest time. Finally I found the perfect color I've been searching for...Lady Like. It reminds me of a mauve type color. This manicure lasted me for DAYS without chipping. It did have very little tip wear, though, but I've never had a manicure last that long in my life. 

I then did my ring finger this pretty pink glitter from Ulta. 

I then topped it with Seche Vite Quick-Dry Top Coat! Love it! I highly recommend getting this top coat. I do love my Orly top coat, but I love this one just a little bit more! It works WONDERFULLY and forms a tough barrier over your nail & color. It adds the perfect amount of gloss to your color and seals it in for days! Tomorrow I'll share you guys my newest polishes! Yeah, I'm obsessed...


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