Sunday, January 8, 2012

My Estate Sale Finds! Pt 1

Today, my mom and I decided to visit an estate sale that had their 50% off sale today. At first I was hesitant. It's the third day and also the 50% off sale, I could imagine how picked over it would be! But I actually got quite a few things, surprisingly. I'm going to show you in two posts!

I got this "Le Bag." It's pretty big, which I like, and it also has a snap closure. Perfect when I'm out shopping or going to the library to get some books!!

This amazing mushroom canister. They had the majority of the whole set, which I really wanted, but seeing I don't have my own home, I had to just get one. This is going to be perfect for my knitting needles. 

Benny, looking cute as always. See the bag in the back? I got that also. I'm going to use it as a travel bag. I didn't photograph it because it didn't want to photograph well for me at all, and it was awkwardly shaped. 

I had to get this awesome vintage bandaid tin. I love old tins like this, but I can never find one I really like. This one even had some bandaids in it, too. I'll show those tomorrow! 

I'm a lover of really old wallets. I love the detail of them (like this one with the three different colored stitches on the front). It's so beautiful in person, it really is!

These awesome vintage sunnies!

I yelped when I seen this! I bypassed it about three times (it was in the box), but then, BAM, I grabbed her because she was meant to be mine, regardless of what she looked like. I love love love clocks like these. They remind me of my grandma a whole lot. She used to keep her's in her living room and for some reason, I always admired it. This one is the best one I've seen yet. I love the orange outside and the mint coloring on the needles and by the numbers. 

And Bogart, meowing (ahem, yelling) at me to stop taking pictures of him. Hey, I can't help it, he's too cute! I can't wait to show you all the rest of my finds...tomorrow. Dun dun dun! 



  1. I love old tins too! I have a nice size collection. I would have grabbed the band-aid tin too :)

  2. Amazing finds - I love them all. And Benny's eyes definitely bring out the awesome colour of that unphotographable bag :)

    My granny had a clock like that too. I loved the fact that it was its own box and could be folded away.

    I'm so envious! I don't think we even have Estate sales in the UK...

  3. I use to have a whole set of those mushroom canisters when I was living in my first apartment!


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