Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So I Finally Did It...

I finally added the pink to my hair that I've been so desperately wanting for the longest time. I've been meaning to tell you guys since a week and a half ago when I first dyed my hair. But, I'm not sure how I like it. Actually, I really don't like it at all...

I don't feel myself with this color in my hair. I initially wanted  the color to be teal, not raspberry, but it was sold out at the Sally's I went to. Regardless, I was so so so excited to add a fun color to my hair. I almost cried at how unhappy I was when I washed it out. It certainly was not how I had envisioned it to be.

 I myself am pretty darn conservative, and I feel so out there with this hair color. I mean, what did I really expect, right? I just love it on so many other gals, I thought I'd love it on me as much as I do on them...I guess not. It's still currently in my hair, but I will be dying it in a few days back to dark brown. I miss my red soooo much, so once the pink is out for good, the red will be back in. I guess my confidence level has plummeted and I've had the strangest looks (but one really nice compliment from a stranger). I still wanted to show you guys so you know I finally did it! I wish the outcome was better, but maybe one day I'll do the teal. Who knows! 



  1. Hey at least you tried it!Thank goodness you can just dye your hair back again.

  2. It looks soo good! But I guess if you weren't happy with it, then you weren't happy with it. I think teal would look great as well!

  3. Aww thanks Amanda!! I think I may try it again in the future. I really liked it in my bangs, though! I think it might look better when my hair is longer. I have an idea for it when my hair grows out. I'm still going to hold onto my teal and the pink, cause you never know when you could use it again!

  4. I gotta say I LOVE it!! But hair is such a personal thing (and it's amazing how it can affect our mood, right?) I had pink hair a while ago (a very long time ago actually...student days) but my husband will not let me go back to it. He's probably right!


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