Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fancy

I love that they used vintage fabric in an embroidery hoop. I have a lot of vintage fabric that I could use up and this would be the perfect way to do it! On a side note, I really love this shop. They have the greatest little things that you could find perfect uses for! 

I love that they made a clutch out of vintage fabric. I'm not a clutch wearer myself, but I can't help but admire great craftsmanship!!

Oh my goodness! Look at that fabric! I love it! It would look pretty snazzy in my room, if I must say so myself!

Here is an awesome vintage fabric bundle. I believe it's a twin sheet and two pillowcases. I like using old vintage sheets for other projects, saves a lot of $$ on buying fabric at the store!

I love this quilt made out of all vintage fabrics. This has to be the prettiest one I've seen yet! The center is made out of an old tea towel. It's beautiful!!

  • Last night I finally got ahold of the first book in the Hunger Games trilogy. (!!!)
  • I love Mandy's 23 before 24 list! I'm really debating on making one of these when I turn 24 (yikes) this year!
  • I just found this blog, Dear Lizzy, the other day. It's filled with DIY's, fancy craftiness and gorgeous colorful photos! A new obsession... 
  • Goodnight Little Spoon is a blog I stumbled upon when I was looking for the Regional Dialect Meme list. She is a fun Aussie lifestyle blogger. I really love her outfit posts, they're so vintage and inspiring!
I hope you guys have a great Friday. As for me, I will be cleaning my butt off, and reading, because we have a mini snowstorm underway. I really can't wait for spring!!!!



  1. Check out what I just bought today (before I saw your post, I swear!)

    pretty vintage fabric

    I love all your picks :)

  2. p.s. have been relying on your chai tea lip balm all day - only problem is I sometimes have a hard time not licking it all off, yum!

  3. Oh my goodness Suki, that's sooo pretty! I love vintage fabric so much. It's so classic! LOL, you're not the first to say that. The Chai is a big favorite of my customers. I haven't even tried it yet :x

    Thanks, Hee :)


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