Saturday, January 7, 2012

Junk Yard Art

Yesterday morning, my brother and I took a ride down to Al's in Franklin. It's a junk yard full of smashed cars, blown up cars and lots of used car parts. Our mission was to find me a spare tire. My car failed to come with one (yeah, meant to get that 2 years ago...and now I have a flat) so that was what we were sent out to get. 

Before I left, I was going to bring my camera, but then I thought "There would be nothing cool to photograph, and it's not like I'm going to put it on my blog." WRONG. There were TONS of things to photograph, and then I wanted to put it on my blog. Bad Rachel, BAD! I seen so many awesome smashed up cars (yeah, that's my inner boy talking...blame growing up with only boys). There was one realllly old Cadillac that reminded me of a murder vehicle (I really regret not photographing that!!!). My mind is morbid. Anyway, I took only a couple Instagram shots and I wanted to share them with you...

This is of a huge stack of old rims. Many were crunched up. I thought it looked pretty awesome. 

Then this was the GM section of smashed cars. My brother and I walked through the entire place. You see that huge hill behind those cars? Yeah, that's the Waste Management Dump. Funny thing is is that I've been there before, with my dad...he was a garbage man. I used to go to work with him allll the time, and I totally forgot we went there together. Haha, boring memory is over. 

This pic was of a blown up car. It was very old, I'm not sure the year of it exactly. From the 30's maybe??? It was sooo awesome though. I love the steering wheels the most on old cars, why, I couldn't tell ya! 

Little secret, I love cars. New cars, old cars, muscle cars, smashed cars, shiny name it, I like it. I had so much fun with my brother. When we were little, we used to put his old Hot Wheel cars out in the street to have a car run them over. Then we'd lay them out in our back yard, like the junk yard. I have a boy side, clearly, and I'm totally not afraid to share it. I really wish I brought my big camera with me yesterday. Only more reason to go back! 



  1. I love cars too! I'm a daddy's girl and growing up I'd hang out with my dad in his garage. We have this place called You-Autto-Pull-It and its a giant junkyard with smashed up and wrecked cars you can get parts from. I also was obsessed with old VW bugs as a kid so my whole bedroom was done in it. I'll have to take pics and blog about that one day soon

  2. I love the way you stumbled across a huge version of your childhood game with your brother!

    I think old smashed-up things look awesome.


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