Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Uninspired and full of Procrastination...

Sorry for being so absent the last few days. And even a little bit last week. I just haven't been feeling quite myself lately. Not sure why that is. I have been pretty busy though, too, which is part of the problem. I just feel so uninspired to do anything creative, including blogging, lately.

I shut down my shop today (it's only temporary, I promise) in hopes of getting my inspiration back. It doesn't help that I'm running rather short on supplies now, and not having enough moolah to purchase supplies makes it kind of difficult to run. But that should be changing quite soon!

Anyway, tomorrow kicks of a new Photo-a-Day challenge that I will most certainly be taking part of. I didn't catch the memo for the January Photo-a-Day challenge, and didn't want to start late, so I held on until the Feb challenge. I have attached the photo below if you would like to take part! I'm hoping this will get me back on track and away from the crickets that are taking over my blog at the moment. Again, I apologize for the lack of anything fun over here...

If you are taking part via Instagram, my name is @autumnbalmbotanicals 

Link your name below and I will gladly follow you :o) 


pee-ess. I finally got Catching Fire and Mocking Jay in the mail today (I'm a cheap-o and bought it online) and haven't been away from CF since I got it. Almost 200 pages in. I can honestly say, I really miss reading like this!!! And boy, this book is making my emotions go all haywire. Just like the 5th Harry Potter, but that's a story for another time! ;)

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