Sunday, November 20, 2011

Things I Fancy

The Black Swan...I seen this movie in the theaters over a year ago, without having any knowledge about the movie, and needless to say, I'm still so in love with it. It's dark, and it goes to a place I wish more movies would go to. I was in such a dark spot this time last year, so I related to this movie so much. I still have a soft spot for it...

Puscifer...Conditions of my Parole. I just got my hands on this cd (Thank you, K) and I can't stop listening to it. And the thing is, it's the first time in about a year that I've had any passion to listen to something. I haven't had that drive to listen to anything anymore. I miss those days when you listened to a song and you instantly felt alive. Finally this cd has done that. And not to mention, I love this band. The lead is the frontman to Tool and A Perfect Circle (both my favorite bands). I recommend you check it out, if you're into that genre. 

I can honestly say, I can't believe I'm about to blog about chips...but I have to say, these babies are GOOD. I was first drawn by the design of the bag to try them. I love the vintage look of them. I actually like them a lot better than original Doritos.

The new Titanic poster AND trailer. Oh lordy-bee. I am SO SO SO SO SO SO SO excited. I mean, I want to cry because I can't wait until April 6th, cry! I CAN'T WAIT! The trailer even almost made me tear up. And I tell you, I've watched this movie 100's of times. I know every flippin' line, and that trailer pretty much got me as if I never seen the movie once. I will be counting down the days until I get to see my beloved Jack & Rose on the big screen again...IN 3D!!!! Only 13 years later...ah!



  1. Omg, I'm so excited about Titanic! I'm a huge Titanic fan and I can't wait to see it on the big screen. I kinda just wanna jump up and down and scream!

    P.S. I love your lip balm, I've been using it non-stop the last 2 days!


  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I feel like such a huge nerd for being sooo excited about it! But I can't help it haha.

    Awwwww I'm so glad!!! I love hearing what people think :o)


  3. Great list. I still haven't seen Black Swan. Sounds like I need to rent it. :)

  4. I highly recommend it! It's certainly a different movie, and very entertaining! It's one of my favorites :)


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