Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fancy

My first thought when I seen these was OMG. How freakin cute are they??

I just love the idea of having an entire Christmas tree dedicated to only mushroom ornaments. I might just do just that this year!

I truly adore these handmade wreaths! I certainly would love to try to make one someday. I fancy the colors, perfect for the end of summer, all the way to Christmas!

I wish Wisconsin had colorful trees this vibrant 

How adorable are these?! I so want a pair!!

Check out my guest post from earlier this week on the Nearsighted Owl's Blog. I shared some great ideas in regards to thrift shopping :)


  1. Those trees are beautiful! The trees here are still green, crazy right?


  2. Oh my, yeah that's crazy! We didn't even have much of a fall by me, one day they were green, the next, completely bare. I'm so sad!


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