Saturday, November 26, 2011

Life is so unexpected!


I had the strangest experience at work today. I was facing shelves at work and one of my customers walks past me. She ends up kneeling down and shaking. She told me she was having a seizure. I remained calm until it subsided. I had asked her a few questions regarding it (had she had them before, does she need me to call 911, etc). She said she had them before and she should be okay. 

She said that she was surprised at how well I took the whole thing (I was calm and didn't freak out). I told her I've seen and dealt with this before with my dad. She asked if he was still around and I told her no. She told me she was so blessed that I was there right at that moment to help her. That comment touched my heart on so many levels. She continued to explain how grateful she was that I was able to watch over her and make sure she was okay. She liked the fact that I didn't freak out and get scared. 

She said that all my experiences with my father's loss had shaped me into a different person. She said that I can handle things differently and that I have a warm compassionate heart. I sat there thinking wow, this lady knows me good and I just met her! I was so blown away at the things she was telling me. It's like she was there throughout everything, even though I never seen her before. She said that my dad was probably up in heaven rooting me on and saying "Way to go, daughter." And the scariest thing is, my dad would always call me "daughter." How freaky is that?? 

It's really nice to know that there are people in this world who appreciate the simple things in life and that they recognize a helping hand when they see it. I was really touched and happy to help her, I don't like seeing people in pain, but I was so happy to assist her. She was so nice and thoughtful. My heart always gets a bit warmer when I am in situations such as these. I love my customers at work so much because most of them are so sweet and kind. I had to share this story today because I can't seem to get it off my mind. I'm just glad I could make someone's day :) I think the quote fits perfectly with today. It's like my dad is saying "hey kid, I'm here." I miss him so! 



  1. Awww, what a cool story. I love when a customer can do/say something that really sticks with you. I'm going to paste one of my Facebook statuses from a few weeks ago so I don't have to re-type it but to this day, I still think about this lady.

    "So, I met a lady today who had brain cancer and was going through chemo so she had hardly no hair. She was having a little difficulty doing things and said she can't think as fast since the treatments. She had every right to complain but she was optimistic, a nice lady, and even said she was still able to laugh at life and herself. She's been in my head all day. I love when you meet someone that has real problems and actually deserves to whine and complain but instead they choose to inspire someone."

    I wonder if she knows how big of an impression she left on me.


  2. Wow!! I love meeting people who are sick but are so positive and optimistic! That's so inspiring! I loved your story! I love positive stories like this!! :)

  3. What a story.
    I am not religious, but something, I feel like something that means to be happened happens.

    Thank you for sharing wonderful stories!!


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