Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Fancy

I simply loooove this deer print. I love animals mixed as humans. So fun!

I love this fox hat! I may have to get myself one!! 

I love this neat necklace. It's so unique!

How cute is this Steampunk kitty? My cats need to look this rad!

Aweeeeee how adorable is this little lion?? I LOVE lions, they are my astrological being ;) 

Lately I've been just OBSESSED with a few (new to me) blogs. If you haven't checked them out, I recommend you do so! OneSheepishGirl's blog is so amazing. I love how simple it is. I relate to this girl quite a bit! 

I also have been reteaching myself how to crochet. I had no idea how wrong I was doing it (okay, not that wrong, but still). I came across CraftyMinx's blog and right now she has FREE, I repeat, FREE crochet school. She explains how to crochet so well with vlogs and lists. I hope one day she does knitting school so I can learn to do that, too! I've been crocheting my butt off since stumbling upon her blog. It helps with the cold, too ;) Happy Friday and thank a Veteran!



  1. I just introduced my bf to the whole animals mixed with people art and photography. I was like "it's people with animal heads" and it blew his mind. I also wouldn't mind having that cute necklace!


  2. What a cute and wonderful collection you got here!!


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