Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Chicago Adventure!

I was so very fortunate to head down to Chicago last weekend with my cousin Luke and our family friend Mary. We took the Amtrak down there for the day. We had a lot of fun stuff to do, we were very much excited...

First stop was the Willis (Sears) Tower. This has always been one of those things I've always wanted to do, go straight to the top! I finally got to cross it off my bucket list! 

At first I was going to go to the top by myself...but I decided to drag my cousin with me (I hate doing things alone). He did this years back and disliked it, but he enjoyed it a lot this time around! 

We were fortunate for a beautiful clear fall day! 

I had no clue that the Willis tower was the largest tower in the world for quite some time! 

One side of the building had a ledge that was a clear box. You could stand on the box and see right down below you into the city. I did it and boy, was it exhilarating! 

This is the view of the city right below me! It was crazy! 

Next on our agenda was to go on a carriage ride! That I have to say was a first for me. 

We were waiting in a really beautiful area, right next to an old water tower! Last weekend was the peak time for leaves changing in Chicago, and you really could tell! 

This almost reminded me of Home Alone 2, when Kevin was lost in NYC! And he would go through the beautiful Central Park! Man, now I want to watch that movie... :)

We also stopped into the Hershey's store! I wanted every piece of chocolate in there...but I decided not to get anything. 

After waiting a half an hour, we were finally on our carriage ride!

I'm a complete dork and had to take a picture of this. We don't have places like this in Milwaukee (at least that I know of) so I thought this was pretty neat!

I just LOVE the architecture in Chicago, so detailed.

I wanted to go in there so badly, but seeing we were on our ride, we couldn't :(

I'd love to live there, especially in an orange copper building!

I told my cousin that if I ever strike it rich, Chanel is the FIRST place I'm going shopping at...drool! :)

I loved the color of their trees. It was refreshing to see parts of fall in the middle of the city. 

Look at how neat this building is! 

And we return!

Such a cute guy, his name was Rave. I got to feed him a carrot, too! 

A large statue of Marilyn Monroe? Yes please! I was so excited to see her, although, I wasn't sure why she was in the middle of the city...can anyone fill me in? :)

And that's all I have. I had such a wonderful time. I always love going down to Chicago. I've never done the same thing twice when I've been there. I love that it's so close to home, too. 

Have any of you been to Chicago? What's your favorite thing to do?



  1. How fun! Chicago is definitely on our list of places to visit!

  2. I really wanna go to Chicago! There's a restaurant called Kuma's Corner that my bf has wanted to eat at for over a year. He talks about it like weekly.


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