Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's time to be more open!

I have to say, I'm not new to the blogging world. I've used LJ (LiveJournal) for the last 8 years. Granted, it's not the same type of blogging (mostly it was my diary), but it's still related in a sense. Since opening ABB, I want to expand myself over the web. And I think having a blog will help me do that. I want to connect with my readers and gain more of a following. Why? I'm not sure. At times I feel like I have something to say, sometimes I don't. But I always wanted to make an impact on someone positively. Even if it's over a silly post.

These next coming months will be a challenge for me. I want to slow down on my shyness and be more open, especially here on my blog. I have quite a few daily reads and I adore many other blogs on the web. I want to be more open and leave comments instead of just reading what they have to say. I want them to know I'm reading and that it is having an impact on me. I want to do the same with my readers as well. I know my blog still needs some more jazzing up to do (I really need to get on that menu bar), and I would like to have a few categories of things that I am going to try to improve in my life...and I would love to share those improvements with all of you!

I also want to do a picture a week for a whole year. I seen this on many other blogs (some do a pic a day) and I think it would be a great thing to do. Except, I will be doing this with a film camera, instead of a digital. It may turn out great, it may turn out horrible, but that's the fun behind it. You don't know what you're going to get! :)

I just wanted to expand myself on here and be more open. This blog isn't just about my shop and my day to day life. It's more than that. I want to show much more emotion and connect with all of you. Don't be afraid to comment, I love comments and it makes me really see that there are people reading this! So today, my shyness is going to sit on the back burner, it's time to get more personal and move forward. :)

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