Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nails - Polka dots and slashes!

Say hello to another nail post :) This week I was trying out a few new things with my nails. I wanted to jazz them up and try out something fun! I just love the colors I have. I've never owned white nail polish before, but I really love it! I really want to try out this Nail Design.

I freehanded everything. I never attempted dots or slashes before. So they aren't the best looking, let me tell you! Next time I think I may try to use something to make the dots with, and use tape for any slashes. But they are still fun! Here's what I used:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - Mint Sorbet
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear - White On
Orly Top Coat - In a Snap

I've never tried out the Xtreme Wear before, but I <3 it! It stays on and I love that it's not too thick or too thin, it's juuust right :)

And for something fun...

\\ 10 Facts About Yours Truly //

I usually cut my hair off every summer. I usually let it grow realllly long (my hair grows fast), and then chop it off into a bob the following summer. This also requires me to not ever get haircuts. I've been trying to be good and keep up on haircuts. I also am going to be keeping my hair short for the time being. 
I really hate change. If I'm used to something and happy with it, I don't ever want it to change. If something does change, I take it really hard. This is one thing about myself that I wish it wouldn't be. 
The last four months of the year are my most favorite months. I love love love the holidays. I love buying gifts for other people, making tasty meals for my family, and cozying up to the one's I love. I love the festivities the end of the year brings as well. 
I love anything scary, morbid, haunted, dead, ghostly and so on. Which means basically I love scary movies and haunted houses. I'm that kid who goes through haunted houses like it's a piece of cake....and I tend to talk back to the actors because I'm never scared...unless there is a chainsaw involved, those creep the heck out of me!! 
I have zero tattoos. I always go back and forth with myself whether or not I want some. Everyone in my family has one except my father and I. I know exactly the tattoo I want (after years and years of thinking of an idea - a half sleeve of something I can't tell you cause it's too great to share) but I'm not sure whether or not to get it. 
I'm pretty tall for a girl. I'm 5'10. I've been taller than all my boyfriends, which is something I never liked. I like taller men, so it was odd dating guys who were shorter than I. I never got to wear cute shoes that weren't flats, for fear of being dramatically taller than them. But now that has changed cause I'm a single lady :)
I'm probably the girliest tomboy you'll ever meet. I love fashion, makeup, nail polish, etc...but I love anything nature-y and I'm not afraid to get dirty ;) I love fishing, going through the woods, being on the boat/water, real camping and much more! I grew up mainly around boys, so I am used to doing things for myself to make sure they get done.
I am an extremely honest person. I can't tell a lie to save my life, nor would I ever. If I feel something bothering me, I have to talk it out and resolve the situation. This usually never works out too well in my love life (or so it seems). Sometimes honesty can backfire. But I always believe in being true to yourself, and keeping in something is not the way to do that! 
I am the most imperfect perfectionist ever. Sometimes I don't keep things organized, but I have to have things in a certain way to move forward (or it will bother me until it's fixed). I have a mild case of OCD, so if something isn't straight, or properly put away, it bugs the crap out of me! 
When I get into a heated debate, a lot of people say that I contradict myself (even if it's just a normal conversation). I don't believe this to be true. I'm very optimistic, and I can almost always see two sides to the story, and I try to find the happy medium. People may confuse this as contradiction, I just see it as being open minded and agreeing to certain things that may or may not agree with each other. Nothing is black and white, there is always a shade of gray....

So there you have it. I felt like it was time to open up with you a wee bit more. I love reading things about people, so it's always fun to find certain things about yourself to share with others! I received my shipment of fall scents today. I can't wait to get them all made up and posted on Etsy. Expect to see those new items later on this week <3

xo, R.

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