Sunday, September 4, 2011

Room Revamp

So lately, I've just been tired of my room. It's a place for me to relax and let the day's stresses fade away. My room typically stays the same for quite a long the change was totally due! Now, it's still in the process of getting beautified, but I am going to show you guys the "Before" photo's now! And trust me, they are NOT pretty. Didn't really help that my room was dirty and unorganized when I took them. It's normally not like that (I blame going out of town for the messy condition, haha). But alas, here they are:

I have my grandparents old bedroom set from the 50's. It has a lot of great storage space where I keep most of my dvd's and books. Totally a mess, right? 

Now this is my night stand right next to my bed. It has a bill holder (more like a junk holder) and I have some other things on there. There is just too much clutter on there and it drives me nuts! Then I have a book shelf to the right of that filled with more stuff.

So this is my dresser. On the right side, it has all my shipping stuff for my shop, and on the left it's usually my perfumes and junk mail. I have a neat lamp that I love to show off that you can barely see. I used to have my iMac where my shipping stuff was, but since getting a MacBook, I had moved that to a different room.  I have a chair sitting there where I could pack my orders and (when my computer was there) use that. But now it really serves no immediate purpose. So, basically it's just in the way.

So next we have my tv stand and all that jazz. I have some of my figurines on there, as well as on the old piano bench to the right of it. Again, another cluttered mess. You can kind of see to the right of the bench, I had a spot where I stored some of my clothes. Which is a great irritation to me. My room is small and my dresser drawers are small as well, so it's hard to put my clothes in them. 

Now this dresser...this is what bugs me the most in my room. I just tend to let things pile up over here from time to time. It just looks like a big ol mess to me. So this is something I wanted to tackle the most. 

I feel pretty ashamed putting these horrible pics up of my room. I assure you, it's hardly EVER that disgusting. But those where the last pics I took before I started bagging up a ton of stuff to take to Goodwill & also the garbage can! I can assure you, it's starting to have a look to it and I love how it's turning out. It should be completely finished by tomorrow, so I'm hoping to have a post up tomorrow with the finishing touches! Do you have a space of yours that you just want to revamp? If so, what do you want to do with it? 


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