Monday, September 26, 2011

UW Madison!

Yesh! Another weekend has passed! But it was a great one! Yesterday my best friend Ashlee and I drove to Madison, WI to go to a Badger game. Incase you have no clue what a Badger game is, it's college football. I grew up watching football every Sunday with my dad. He was a BIG fan. We even had him buried all in his Packer gear! I was so excited to go to a Badger game this weekend. The last time I went to one was in about 6 it was long overdue! 

I can pretty much take or leave football. But for some reason, I've been watching it like crazy lately. I'm not sure if it's because we won the Superbowl, or if I'm trying to feel closer to my dad. But I seem to be super interested in it again. It was so exciting to go to the game yesterday. I loooove college games. I was in band all throughout middle and high school. In high school, we would go to a Badger game once a year for UW Band day. We would play with a bunch of other high school bands throughout Wisconsin. I had no idea that yesterday's game was UW Band day. I was sooooooooo excited!! I felt 16 again, haha :) UW - Madison's college band is ah-maz-ing. If you want to see why I say that, check out this video:

I highly respect this band. In general, it's not easy to march. Especially when you have a thick heavy uniform on, carrying a heavy instrument, trying to keep in step and in's just not easy. And they have an even harder marching step (see how high they lift their legs), and most of their music is by memory. It's just insane to me! But I had a great time, and I was so glad to see this phenomenal band once again! It makes me miss band oh so much. It's sad that those years are forever gone :( But yesterday was a wonderful day! We won 59-3! It was great to be reminded of something I was once so passionate about. I hope to find such pure passion like that about something again! 

In other news, Ashlee had bought me an iTunes card for my Birthday, which is way over a month ago. I've been thinking what on earth I could use with that card. I wanted to use it wisely, so I had been procrastinating on getting something neat with it. I had found a few neat photo apps that are similar to Instagram. What I really love is all the neat features you can find for the iPhone's camera. I have a 3gs, so I'm not lucky to have a flash or a better megapixel or resolution, but these apps were too great to pass up. There is one called Hipstamatic. I think that one was my favorite. You can choose the film you want to use, and then how you want your photo to develop. You even get to choose the lense you want to use! How neat is that?? I also purchased Tilt Shift Generator and Lo-Mob. I recommend checking them out if you own an iPhone! You can also see A Beautiful Mess' blog and her reviews on her iPhone apps (of which include the one's I named here). 

Isn't he beautiful? I'm so excited to list some new balms this week. I will have Pumpkin Cheesecake, Caramel Apple, Vanilla Lavender, Chai tea and Vanilla Bean...just to name a few! Well I suppose it's getting to be that time for me to head to bed seeing I have to get up in 6 very short hours for work! 

xo <3

ps. Did anyone catch Pan Am tonight?? Wasn't it great? I'm totally obsessed with that show and Playboy well as Big Bang Theory! I am so glad fall shows are back! 

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