Monday, September 5, 2011

Room Revamp Pt 2

Well! My room changes are finally complete. There are some things I still would like to update, but I happy with the current results. Now onto the pics :)

I used to keep all my jewelry in an antique bowl. Eventually it got all tangled up and hard to pick out what I wanted to wear that day. So I decided to hang up some of my necklaces on my walls as a decoration, as well as keeping them readily available for when I want to wear them :)

I've gotten into hats recently. And seeing my room is so small, I didn't just want them to pile up in a corner somewhere. So I had some Glad hooks laying around that I drew hearts and dots on for a fun look. 

I pretty much kept my TV stand the same. I love what's all on it! 

I had reorganized my piano bench. I had threw some skeins of yarn in one of my Longarberger Baskets (thank you Goodwill) for a fun touch. I put my grandfather's old bird book in the other. 

Instead of having a ton of clothes on my chair, I put some herb books on there for storage, as well as to give it a charming look.

This is an old field desk from WWII. I had it on my floor where my chair currently resides. This is one of my favorite pieces in my room. I've had this item since I was about 15 or 16. It's so special to me, I will never let this baby out of my sight!

These are the items to the left of my trunk. All thrifted - minus the girl...I got her on my 16th Birthday.

This is to the right of my trunk. All thrifted except the earring holder. I just got the bunny the other day at Goodwill. I was so excited to find it! It's adorable!!

The top of the trunk. All thrifted again.

This is the inside of my trunk. It has a lot of great storage space on the inside...where now I store all my yarn & supplies. 

These are the polaroids I took last weekend. Some of them didn't turn out. So as I was reading I got this neat idea from Little Chief Honeybee's Blog about writing inspirational quotes on the undeveloped polaroids. Sorry I can't find the original post. I thought I had bookmarked it but I suppose not. Nonetheless, it's a wonderful idea!

My cork board was a complete mess. So I had to find a good way to make it cute and fun. I had made the banner from old scrapbook paper I had laying around. I just LOVE it! I also rearranged my photos as well. 

I had recently purchased these cute owls at Goodwill. They are for your stove, but I decided they would look way better on my walls! I just strung some yarn threw them and hung them up!

These I won from a giveaway on Talk2thetree's blog (she has a giveaway every Monday, too)!! They are made from A Vintage Poster. I love love love all their products and the quality is mind blowing. I highly recommend checking them out!! :)

My dresser, which is now an organized mess, hehe. 

And my newest item in my room that I just adore. These cute owls!!! I just love them! 

So there you have it! My room has been revamped and now I don't want to leave it! I feel more inspired now and now I hope to get some new goodies in my shop real soon! I'm thinkin about one more week or so before we open back up! Feel free to send us a convo on Etsy if you need anything :)

<3 Rachel

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