Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Dainty Squid

I have to say, one of the first blogs I found here on Blogger was The Dainty Squid. The very first post I read I was instantly obsessed. She is so interesting and holds a lot of the same interests as me, which is awesome. I had found out through her blog that she has a shop on Etsy. So I hightailed my way on over there and, once again, fell in love.

I adore all her products and the great quality, so I just had to get a pouch of my own! Today they finally arrived in the mail (after much impatience on my part - the shipping was SPEEDY fast though!) and I was beyond words excited!

I love all her personal touches...the cute packaging, her business card and the sweet note! It is so fun and special - I just LOVE that! (I apologize for the fuzzy-ish photo, it's from Instagram...but I still like it, hehe). 

I had the hardest time picking out a cute pattern for myself. And I knew I couldn't pick just one. I love that she has vintage fabrics included in her products. When I spotted these particular pouches, I gasped and I knew I had to take them home!

So beautiful.

I just adore this fabric beyond words! It's so me! 

These photos were taken on my iPhone via Instagram. I know some people dislike the whole 'cellphone pic' deal, but I am just in love with Instagram lately (if you have an iPhone, I recommend you check out this app...and it's FREE) and I had to share via that. Plus it's a lot quicker than using my camera and hooking it up to my computer...etc etc. But anyways, I just love her items, so if you haven't checked out her blog or shop yet, I recommend you do so!!! You will be HOOKED. She seems like such a neat girl and I know if I ever seen her house, I'd probably drool the entire time I was there. Hehe. 

And my beautiful Ben, laying by me as I took my pics. 

xoxo - R.


  1. Awww ben is sweetness magnified! Your pouches are gorgeous. I love the vintage look of them. She does lovely work.

    I'm having a GIVEAWAY if you would like to stop by. Hugs. Tammy

  2. Awe thank you!! He is my little love bug! I love these pouches too! They are so great. I almost don't want to use them because they are so beautiful.

    Oh wonderful!! I will certainly check that out, thanks :o)


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