Friday, September 23, 2011

Bookworm Thursday!

Welcome to Bookworm Thursday!!! Now, this idea sparked into my mind while I was at work this morning. I am a huge book fan. I own 100+ books and seem to never have much time to read them. I want to change that. I usually read a lot more during the colder months. So to make sure I keep up with this goal, I have decided to read a new book every other week. This may change (I hope not, but it depends on the size of the book).

I will post the book that I'm reading with a description, and once I'm done, I will rate that book! Every first and third Thursday of the month, I will post the book I will be reading. The other two Thursdays will be my review of that book! So yay for finding a set schedule for my posts! Mondays = 52 Weeks of Polaroid and Thursdays = Bookworm Thursday. This makes me happy!! I also would love any suggestions on some good books to read. I'm usually up for anything, but I'm trying to get into darker books at the moment. I <3 <3 <3 Jeffrey Eugenides. :)

So do you want to know what I'm currently reading?

From Wikipedia:

Diary takes the form of a "coma diary" telling the story of Misty Marie Wilmot as her husband lies senseless in a hospital after a suicide attempt. The story is not exactly told by Misty but through a third-person perspective instead. Once she was an art student dreaming of creativity and freedom, but now, after marrying her husband Peter while they were both still at school and then giving birth to their daughter shortly after, she is eventually brought back to Waytansea Island, a place that was once-quaint but is now tourist-overrun. Misty has been reduced to the lowly condition of a mere waitress within a common resort hotel. Peter, before falling into his coma, was building hidden rooms within the houses he was remodeled and scrawling vile messages all over the walls; this is an old habit of builders but it's been dramatically overdone in Peter's case. Angry homeowners are suing Misty left and right and her dreams of artistic greatness have been ruined. But then, as if she was possessed by the spirit of the fabled Waytansea artist Maura Kincaid, Misty begins painting again, excessively and compulsively.
Misty discovers that the islanders, including her father-in-law (previously thought to be dead) are involved in a conspiracy which repeats every four generations. A young artist (in this case Misty) is lured to the island by an old piece of jewelry, she becomes pregnant and has her children within the community. It is implied that this old jewelry works to lure and entrap Misty because it was hers in a past life, during which these same events played out before. During middle age, her husband dies, followed by all her children, resulting in a wave of great artistic creativity, the product of which is mesmerizing to the observing audience. The islanders create an exhibition of Misty's art work at the local hotel where a fire is started by Misty's daughter, who is revealed to be alive after a previous point in the book when she was thought to have drowned, and all the hotel's occupants are burned to death due to their being mesmerized by her painting. The result is a huge insurance claim which leaves the remaining island citizens wealthy enough to support their luxuriant lifestyles for the next four generations, at which point a new young artist will be found to repeat the cycle. Peter, Misty's husband, attempted to warn her of this plot using his hidden writing and it is revealed that his suicide attempt was in fact a murder attempt. It is never revealed in the end whether Peter recovered from his coma, but from Misty's descriptions of his state of health, he more than likely died.

I thought it sounded rather interesting. I've heard great things about this author, and decided to try out a few of his books. I have another one that I want to read after this one as well :) So next week I'll review this book for any of you that may be interested in checking it out!!

So in other news...I went to Goodwill this evening and bought a printer for fifteen bucks! I am sooooo happy. Mine just took a poo and I was really not into buying a new one (they are so expensive). So I found the same exact one I had for so cheap! I am through the moon happy right now! And it works perfectly! How awesome is that?!?! I also got a swimsuit for three bucks (it was a buck and a half for the top and the same for the bottoms). It was brand new from Target! I loooove that! It was certainly a successful thrifting experience!

Have any of you found anything recently at a thrift store that got you super excited??



Isn't he handsome?? Yeup, this is the love of my life!! Now off to watch some Big Bang Theory (thee best show EVER)!

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