Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's the best way to procrastinate? Write a blog entry!

Yeup, I thought I left procrastination at school, but it seemed to follow me years down the road. I will be leaving for Minnesota tomorrow at exactly 9am. And am I packed? No. Is anything charged? No. Are my clothes clean? No not really. And what am I doing? Sitting here with all of you, typing on my MacBook, and watching the Crazies. Yeup, sounds good to me. Even though I am beyond excited to be leaving the state tomorrow (and seeing my dad), I just don't have any motivation to do anything. How sad really.

Last night I had dyed my hair red. It was red before but faded majorly. I guess I'm not one to keep up on my hair as often as I would like. Primarily because I'm afraid I would damage it if I dye it frequently. So I wait until my color fades and my roots get hideously long before I apply the dye again. Just before I dyed my hair red the last time, I was pretty much done dying my hair. I was tired of paying the money, tired of the up keep, and I just missed my natural hair color (see below).

Circa 2007

But as my blog readings have expanded, I found myself envying people with amazing hair colors. The last time I dyed my hair red was the first time it had ever been that color. I didn't really ever desire to be a red head, but I was tired of being brown...
And I was tired of being blonde...

Circa 2008

So what's next you ask?? RED! Here is the before:

And After:

Looking at these pics, I guess it doesn't look too different, but I love the new color better. I really would love to do a crazy hair color in the future, but that'll have to wait until I work at a job that allows fun colors :) Well, I suppose I procrastinated enough, time to pack! I will be updating from MN with fun adventures! I can't wait :o)


  1. A few people who've gone through cosmetology school have told me the thing that damages hair is when you bleach it too too much. Normal hair dying should be fine.

  2. Also, I meant to say that the red looks good.


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