Monday, August 8, 2011

Fairie Festival

This weekend was very much an exciting time. I had gone to Fairie Fest with two of my favorite ladies, Karen and Emily. They introduced me to this special festival just a year ago. It was soooo much fun I just couldn't wait to go again. Sadly, last year I didn't take my camera, so I had no photos. But this year...I got some good shots! Take a look :)

I very much admired her costume the whole time. She was a beautiful dark Fairie. 

A beautiful Fairie mermaid <3

Fairie Dust to make all your wishes come true!

A hidden treasure within the trees <3

An enchanting soul made of stone...

There was a neat story behind these. They are made from old coffee cans. The woman who had made them saved all her change in one of these little houses...she saved enough to go to Ireland, which was her dream place. How awesome is that? Her house is also painted just like a castle. I am jealous!!! I wish I could see what it looks like :)

Indeed, it is magical <3

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