Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's get personal!

So, I'm thinking I should get a little more personal with you guys. Slowly I'm gaining more followers (yay!!) and I'm thinkin it's time you get to know me and my fam! I think this will be a series of posts, not sure when I will post all of them, but I'm thinking now is a great time to start!

Meet Ben!
Full Name: Benson
Nick Names: Ben, Benny (Bah Bah Benny & the Jetsssssss), Little B, Lover, Handsome and my Love <3

[sorry, these pics aren't that great, I'm taking em off my Facebook instead of my other computer. Stinks having 90 % of my pics on a different computer (that's currently not hooked up..)]

He is the biggest cuddle bug EVER. I seriously love my kit cat to death. He follows me everywhere (when the pups aren't around) and he is sooo sweet. He has the softest meow around, and he loves to sit by me (preferably on my chest) when I'm on the computer, just to see what I'm up to. Sometimes he'll try to type to his buddies, too. Hehe. 

He's a legit movie fan and computer geek. He's always by me with his purdy blue eyes glued to the tv when I'm watching a movie (he loves scary movies the best, no lie). 

See, him laying on my tummy waiting for "Signs" to start. I love this cat. He beats any human when it comes to cuddling and snuggling with his mama <3 So this is Ben! He says "Hello"!


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