Friday, August 19, 2011

Did somebody say GIVEAWAY??

Finally, we just got 35 "Like's" on my Facebook page. As promised, it is time for a GiVeAwAy. This giveaway will be slightly different than the last. This time, you will be able to gain extra entries (that means more chances to win!!!). Now, for the ground rules...

<3 To be able to be entered into the giveaway, you must be one of the people who "Like" my Facebook page. Please leave a comment here, along with your name (first name will do), letting me know that you like my page. Congrats! You are entered in the giveaway (see, it's that easy).

**Please note: If you do not leave a comment here, ON MY BLOG (that you like'd my FB page), you will NOT be entered into the giveaway. And incase you were wondering, you do NOT have to follow my blog to be in this giveaway (or even a member of Blogger).

Extra Entries:

-You have to leave a SEPERATE comment for each extra entry to be able to get the extra entry. If you leave all of the extra tasks in one comment, those extra entries will NOT be counted. (I know, I know, it's a little tricky, but I will be using to pick a winner, and we want as many comments as possible so you can win)!!

<3  Heart my Etsy Shop.

Once done, leave a comment here, along with your name that you <3'd my Etsy Shop. This is worth one entry.

<3 Heart your favorite item on my Etsy Shop.

Once done, leave a comment here, along with your name that you <3'd an item of mine. Please let me know what your favorite item was :) This is worth one entry.

<3 Become a follower of my Blog.

Once done, leave a comment here, along with your name that you became a follower of my blog. This will give you one entry.

<3 Put my button on your Blog.

This will gain you Three, let me repeat THREE entries to win! Leave three comments (can be the same thing over again if it's easy for you), along with your name, that you added my button to your blog (thank you for doing that, if you did, it means A LOT).

<3 Add me into your circle on Etsy.

Once done, leave a comment here, along with your name that you'd added me into your cirlce on Etsy. This will give you one entry.

Now, I bet you're sitting there, look at all those entries I can get, is it worth doing ALL that to get a giveaway? You better bet your bottom dollar it is!! The lucky winner will be winning quite a few goodies of mine. What the winner will get...

My three pack of Lip Balm, with a hand painted muslin bag (painted by me).

You will also win my Mint Cocoa Salve/Body Balm.

You will also win my Handmade Lavender & Tea Tree Cuticle Oil.

I will be also throwing in some unknown goods as well. So there you have it!! This giveaway starts now and will close on 8/24/11. Winner will be picked on 8/25/11 by You have a total of 8 entries if you utilize all of them. This giveaway is open to anyone from any place on our sweet Earth! Good luck and thanks to all of you that have helped us out so far, it means the world! <3


  1. Hm. since I read this entry and already have done most of the things on the list I figured "why not enter?"

    Amanda- I have liked your FB page.

  2. Amanda and I have "hearted" your shop's page.

  3. I'm pretty sure I favorited the Mango Love one, since you threw it into my package and it was amazing, I know I left feedback on the two I ordered.

    Amanda and I left a heart on Mango Love.

  4. I see your blog entries every time they post on facebook but following your blog will help me get a second look at them later when I don't have the time.

    Amanda- following your blog on google.

  5. I don't really know what it means, or if it was even helpful either, but I also added your shop to my circles when I originally made my etsy account.


    There, I told you I did most of these already! LOL. The only thing I haven't done is adding your button to my blog, but I don't keep a public blog (very well) anyway.

  6. Hi, I've liked your FB page and also added your button to my blog! & Thank you so much for adding my button!!


  7. I want to win!! I liked your facebook page!

  8. Oh boy did I favorite your shop... Gluten Free?! Yes please!!

  9. I like your facebook page... always have! :-D

  10. I <3 Monkey Business!!

  11. Ooops, I'm a day late on this, but oh well. Still wanted to leave some feedback!


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