Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pre-Birthday, Birthday

So I come home from work today and I have this purrrdy package waiting for me on my counter. I knew instantly that it was my awesome new camera strap!

I was so excited, I went and grabbed my camera right away to put it on! Weeeellll, it didn't want to fit my camera. I had to trim and burn the ends of the straps just so they would fit in the hole to get the straps in. I did get them in after a good bit of time messing with it. I just LOVE this strap! Seeing tomorrow is my actual Birthday (and I will be at Great America), my family celebrated with me today. My mom made me this bomb cake.

Mmm Marble!! 

I decided to decorate it with this awesome frosting and dino sprinkles!

My Grandma brought us some yummy creampuffs from the Wisconsin State Fair. Yummmmm.

Happy Birthday to me, I'm now 23, Happy Birthday to Me...Happy Birthday to meeeee. Seeing it's my Birthday week, take 23% off everything in my Etsy shop! Use code "Happy23" upon checkout. Have a great week everyone <3

ps. I just realized Etsy recognizes your Birthday. Awww :)))

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