Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's My Birthday I Can Cry If I Want To...

Well yesterday was my 23rd Birthday. I had gone to Six Flags Great America with some old and new friends. There was a total of 12 of us!

The two Rachel's :) 
[incase you haven't heard, it's the best name EVER!!]

My bestie and I <3

The first ride we decided to go on was Superman. It seemed that everyone else there wanted to go on it, too. It was a 2 hour wait.

It's a unique coaster. You ride it on your stomach, so it seems like you're really flying! We decided to get a flash pass after this ride so we didn't have to wait in line for all the rides. 

I love all the little different area's at Six Flags. Southwest Territory has always been one of my favorites. Just like the wild west :) 

Recycle <3

I love sky shots. They're magical!! 

Pardon the blurry shot, I was using a not so great camera. We went on this ride and got SOAKED. It was AWESOME!!! Good times!

Another thing I love about Great America is their cute little shops! You'll never know what you'll find. I had no idea that they had a Wizard shop. I squealed pretty loud when I seen it. I just had to go inside. 

They had these cute figurines all over the place. I just had to get one!! I seen the perfect one, so it had to go home with me...

She has the same hair as I (cept mine is red). And the little boy has an adorable pixie hat on. I just loooove this. 

She was one I really wanted to take home, too. But I couldn't allow myself to spend that kind of money. Perhaps next time I'll have to pick this one up. But I did get a few more cute items as well...

If you are someone who knows me (or you read this blog), you all know how much I love birds and eagles. I seen this guy and snatched him up right away. I'm not really a stuffed animal person, but I could not resist! I think Lady will want to eat him up though :x

Last but not least...stones! There were so many to choose from, I had a hard time picking! We got a small bag that we could fill up for one set price. I was far too excited. I also got a butterfly necklace, sunglasses, a neat leather braided bracelet annnd I think that's it! It was a decent day. But I can honestly say, I can't wait for fall <3 I'm ready to pick apples, go on haunted corn rides, drink apple cider, carve pumpkins, wear sweatshirts and jeans, go to haunted houses and take photos of the gorgeous trees! Ahh <33 Soon enough! 

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