Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well, what a crazy weekend this came out to be! I barely had any downtime to sit and just...relax. But that's okay, because fun things were accomplished. Now, I am on a HUGE camera collecting spree. I had gone to a different Goodwill store in search of new finds. I had found two more cameras. When I seen the Polaroid Spectra, I thought I died and gone to heaven. I'm sure I got a few odd stares when I seen it because I gasped and ran to it and hugged it until we left. Yes, I am dead serious. I also got a Weston camera (that doesn't work, boo) and an antique apple cookie jar for me mum (she was stoked).

As you can see, I didn't even take the tape off of the cookie jar for the pic, haha. The camera also came with the original box and books inside. But no film, sniff sniff.

Another store we hit up Saturday was a quaint little Yarn shop. I was practically drooling the whole time I was in there. You will not see any yarn you can get at JoAnn's here! I purchased three different skeins of yarn. 

These three colors are for my shop. Now I'm sure you're sitting there scratching your head thinking, "But...aren't you a bath and body shop???", yeup, but I do hold multiple talents and you know, we aren't called AUTUMNbalmbotanicals for nothin'! I named this shop that for my love of that season. I will only be making hats for fall and winter. Each hat will be one of a kind. I figured this would be a fun addition to my shop, and I have been going back and forth with myself whether or not to do this, and after going into that gorgeous yarn shop the other day, my mind was officially made up :) You will be seeing them debut in September.

On Sunday, my entire family and I celebrated my Grandma's 75th Birthday, it was a surprise party for her! I'm so proud of her and hope to spend many many more years with her <3 Isn't she a babe?

So yesterday afternoon, this finally arrived in my mailbox: 

Say hello to my Nikon N70!!!! I, my friends, am a HAPPY HAPPY girl!!! It's more than I dreamed of and I can't wait to officially play around with her. :) So after getting her stocked up with film, I went to try and take photo's with her...not realizing that I didn't have the correct batteries for her. Sigh. So I took my other camera out and took some shots from my garden...

Look at how tall my Zinnia's got!! I grew them from seedlings, too! 

Have a great week guys :o) Also, don't forget to enter the Giveaway!

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  1. It's funny you gasped and ran to it and hugged it until you left the shop...:)
    Your grandma looks beautiful and young!!!!!


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