Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Ohhh I've been so excited to show you all this fun nail design I came up with over the weekend. I had gone to Sally Beauty Supply and snagged quite a few awesome shades of nail polish. I promised you last week that I would show you my nail routine. Here's the supplies I use to do my nails:

I remove any prior polish with nail polish remover. Then I clip my nails to my desired length. I file them so there aren't any sharp edges. I have to say, I think the cuticle clipper is the best invention, ever! This thing comes in handy for sooo many things. I'm not one to clip my cuticles. I use this primarily for hangnails and any little skin slivers I have hanging around. Then lastly, I buff my nail to take the ridges away. This really makes such a difference for me. My nails are so much stronger since I've been doing this. 

Next I pick out my polish of choice.

Now, to keep my nails and cuticles perfect, I keep up on them every day. I use my Cocoa Salve every time I wash my hands. I apply it to every nail, and then I put on lotion after that. Using that on my nails has done a world of difference.  My cuticles have no cuts anywhere on them. They've never been this healthy, I use my cuticle clipper as needed. 

Say hello to my fun Halloween inspired nails! I seen both these orange shades and knew exactly what I was going to do with them!! I wasn't able to draw the pumpkin face on my right hand (I'm not coordinated enough) so I just did dots on that hand. 

Revlon in Tangerine. 

I got this one on clearance at Sally's and it was 50% off of the reduced price. WIN! 

I looove this shade. 

Now I mentioned yesterday that I got my hair cut. I did get the bangs. I was pretty hesitant on doing those (flashbacks to my childhood - eek), but I wanted them to be a little different. I didn't want straight across bangs, I opted for a gradual angle.

I simply LOVE them! I can't believe I waited so long to do something semi-drastic to my hair. I always was so self conscious about a lot of things about my body, especially having short hair (since I gained a ton of weight). But now, I feel comfortable being me. I can really care less about other people and what they think. Hey, it's the 21st century, right?



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