Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weekend Recap and 10 Facts Tuesday!!

Oooh boy what a weekend! Saturday I managed to get my gauges in. They are now at a 12g :) See!!

They're just itty bitty babies as of now. I ordered cute plugs, I can't wait to get them and put them in (once they're healed of course)! I can't wait to go bigger, and post that video, too ;) I'm getting my hair cut tonight (getting bangs if I'm tough enough to do it), so you all will get to see that soon. 

So onto the weekend...a huge group of friends and I drove down to Round Lake Beach, IL to go to a haunted house...The Realm of Terror! (check out the video, it's awesome). 

I wish we could have gotten pics on the inside. If you know me, I LOVE anything scary. This was apparently the scariest haunted house in IL two years running. Yeup, sure didn't scare this girl! I had lots of fun though. We hung out in the parking lot after (so high school, I know I know) to talk (and in my case, gaze) at some of the actors. 

Pizza? That's all this lovely burnt up nurse would say. I lovvve her hair color. Of couse I'm the weirdo who looks at details like that. 


She was having fun with Johnny. 

Then there was this guy. He was my FAVORITE. We seen him in the parking lot when we came in. He scared the crap out of us, the way he was walking and looking at us....then he would run then sliiiide on his knee pads. It was fun to watch people jump when he did that :) He was sooo cool, this guy had the best personality ever. The stuff that came out of his mouth was just hilarious and shocking. It was great. 

Photo's courtesy of Grace Bae, edited by Moi.

Ash and I were cracccking up talking to him. He pulled out a chest hair and gave it to her. Too darn funny. Good times indeed. Now onto 10 facts.

\\ 10 Facts About Yours Truly //

I am absolutely, positively, incredibly scared of spiders. I hyperventilate, get sweaty and can't hardly talk when I see one. It's terrible. I can't kill one to save my life. Last time I tried, it feel on my pants. Um, ew right? My future husband HAS to have magical spider killing properties, otherwise it's a no go. 

I'm extremely impatient. I hate waiting on people or red lights. I'm trying my oh so hardest to stop being this way. It's no way to live to be impatient about things all the time and to get mad if they don't go your way. I think I'm doing pretty well as of late :)

My best friend Ashlee and I have been besties since I was born. Yeup, 23 long years. Her mom and my mom were besties when they were 16, and stayed friends ever since. Ash and I always remained close. If anyone was ever my other half, it's for sure that girl! <3 

Sometimes I'm psychic. Yeup, you heard it. I can predict stuff before they happen. This little gift comes at random. When my dad was still alive, I knew exactly what day he would call me. I was right nearly every single time. And if I called him he'd say "Rachel, I was just going to call you, how'd you know?" Oh Dad... :) Sometimes I still have those same feelings, that lets me know he's still with me no matter where I am <3

I adore fishing like nobody's business. Last year was the first time I ever really fished. I was hooked (ha ha) right away. I've only managed to catch 2 fish in my lifetime (well, 3, but I don't count that one. Story for another time). It's the most epic crazy feeling ever. I'm not sure why I like it, cause I do find it to be rather mean, but I always let them go after. I like holding them and talking to them before I let them swim back. They're too cute. 

I sing to my animals. Each pet has their own song. Yeahhhh, I swear I'm not crazy. They love it tho. The kit cats sing along with me. They lloooovvvee it. Lady on the other hand, not so much. She's a crank. 

I used to have reallly long hair when I was little. Down to my butt. I loved it, but wanted it cut off. I chopped off all my hair when I was 7, and been doing so almost every summer since. 

I love going to the museum. I can't even count how many times I've been there my whole life. It's magical every time I go. 

I've always been fascinated with boats ever since I was reaaaallly little. My dad always had a boat. Sometimes he'd let me drive it through the Milwaukee river. We'd always pass a sunken wooden fishing boat. I always though it was sooo cool. I have a pic of that boat somewhere. I'll have to post it for you all to see :)

I'm pretty outgoing when I want to be. I usually am shy when I'm around a ton of people I don't know. I find it hard to strike up a conversation with people I feel that I may or may not have something in common with. 

I can't wait for tomorrow's post, I just love how my nails turned out, stay tuned! 


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  1. Your luck girl that has lifetime best friend!
    I just wanna see your cat singing with you :)

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