Thursday, October 27, 2011

52 Weeks - Week 6

This photo was taken last Saturday. I took this photo on the way back home from picking up my nephew from his football game. This was also the day we found out my cousin, Nick passed away. I really love this photograph. I took it while we were driving and I'm impressed at how well it turned out. 

Last night, I had shaved my grandma's head. She has cancer. She found out she had cancer about a month after my father found out he had cancer. My grandma is holding up quite well under the circumstances. She recently had to go back for chemo, and seeing that this is a stronger dosage, her hair is now falling out. She got this super cute wig. I love how it looks on her. I think she looks great! 

Just a heads up, I'll be taking a break from Bookworm Thursday. Life has been crazy at the moment. I'll let you all know when it will return. 


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