Monday, October 10, 2011

52 Weeks - Week 4

I apologize ahead of time on the quality of this photo. This is our newest edition, Bernard...aka Berny (subject to change). He is a 7 week old Bangal who has a loud mouth! I never heard such meows come out of a cat before. One second it sounds like he's barking, the next it sounds like he's cawing. No cute kitten meows out of this little guy. 

He is unlike any kitten we've ever had. He's so different. Strange even. We found an ad in the paper for him. He was located in the middle of no where (literally) on a farm. We were so excited to see the kittens when we pulled in. We seen Peacocks roaming around, ducks, geese and a lot of other animals. I thought it was sooo neat to see all these different types of animals....until they showed us where the cats were. 

These kittens (and TONS more) were located in a shed next to their house. It was the most disgusting, terrible, inhumaine place I've EVER seen in my life. We've had a lot of pets throughout our lifetime, and we've rescued many from all over the place, but this is thee WORST place I've ever seen. There were cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, ducks and others in cages. They were dirty, smelly, unkept and flea riden. I almost cried, really. I am SO SO SO SO SO against animal cruelty, keeping animals in cages (other than gerbils, you get the idea). It was everything I never stood for. These cats never knew real household sounds. This cat has been nothing but terrified since we've brought him home. Everything scares him and it really hurts to see that. We are planning on turning these people in. And I know you're probably thinking, why would you buy from these people? To get an innocent animal out, that's why. I wish we could have taken all the animals they had stuffed in those disgustingly dirty cages. It breaks my heart. They were all calling out for attention, love. Something it seems they've never had. It was like a factory. Animals mate, punch out a litter, and BAM, they make money. So sick. 

If you ever see a situation like this, don't be afraid to CALL and report them. Animals should never be in cages and treated like a business deal.



  1. So glad you got to rescue such an adorable kitten. I sure hope that those other poor animals find a great home too.

  2. Thank you! I just feel so terrible for all those other animals locked up in that inhumaine environment. They'll get out, I will make sure of it! :)


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