Tuesday, October 18, 2011

52 weeks - Week 5 and 10 Facts Tuesday!

Hey guys! I'm really sorry about not posting yesterday, or really this weekend for that matter. Everything has just been a mess at home since my cousin passed. So please be patient because some of my posts may be delayed. I'm trying my oh so hardest not to delay them though, so with further ado, 52 weeks!

My dear Bennie, and Lady photobombing in the back, hehe. I for some reason can't stop photographing this cat!! He's by baby. Cute and cuddly and oh so sweet. He consoles me when I'm down (how weird for a cat, well, maybe not). Last night I was sad and he just snuggled up in my arms and kept my heart warm. What I wouldn't do without this guy in my life. Oh, why aren't you human???

\\ 10 Facts About Yours Truly //

I can wiggle my eyeballs. It grosses out sooo many people when I do it, I think it's hilarious. 

When me and my brother were little, we would take his Hot Wheel cars and put them in the road for cars to run them over. We'd sit on the couch looking out the window to watch if anyone would do it. And when they did, we'd run out and grab the cars. We'd line them up in the back yard. Oh dangerous kids we were. 

My favorite Spice Girl (oh how I miss them so) was Sporty Spice. I loved everything about her. My friends and I would all pick our favorite gals and then dress up as them and put on Spice Girl concerts for the neighborhood. It was soooo much fun! I miss those days a lot.

I love writing. I wish I could write a fiction novel one day, something completely unreal and quirky. I always doubt myself and scrap all my ideas before I get them written down. One day I will fulfill my dreams of being a writer. 

I really hate when I get interrupted. It's a HUGE pet peeve of mine. If I lose concentration on something, I get pretty angry. I don't take it out on anyone, but I sit and brood, haha. Got to love being a girl with temper tantrums! 

As I've stated in my About Me, I am a HUGE Pink Floyd fan. I have to thank my dad for introducing them to me and finding my true love in classic rock. I hear the same Pink Floyd songs on the radio every.single.day. and you'd think I'd get sick of them, right? Nope, I just love them more. They bring me to peace and make me feel like I'm sitting right next to my dad jamming out. Oh, I miss that! :)

I just learned how to use iMovie the other day, and I'm in LOVE. I had no idea what I was doing (last time I used it was in middle school, like I'm going to remember that far back). I sat there knowing what I wanted to do, and it worked exactly how I wanted it to. How does that work? This is why I love Apple products so much, you don't need a how to manual, you just need common sense :)

I can't walk in high heels to save my life. I love the look of them, especially Mary Jane's, but I'm so uncoordinated that I look like I'm going to fall off a cliff when I wear them. I get too self conscious in them too because then I'm usually over 6 feet tall after I have them on so I feel like a giant. But I can sit and adore them anyway. They're just so pretty, I wish I could wear them. Perhaps one day, right!?

I can learn things extremely fast. I wish I was like this in High School. Back then, I just didn't care. I'd get through the day just because I had to. Now, I just love absorbing everything around me. I get fascinated so easily, I kind of remind myself of me when I was 5.

I always wear a sweater or long sleeves. No matter what the temperature is, I have to have something on my arms. I'm really self conscious of them and feel that they need to be covered at all times. Not to mention, I'm ALWAYS cold. So it's a win win! 

Again, sorry for the delayed posts. Tomorrow I will be showing you all my favorite polishes from my collection. I can't wait :) 


ps. Give your family members and close friends a hug and let them know how much you love them. You never know when someone's days may be their last. I know I'll be doing that today and everyday after . <3

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