Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not a normal post, but it must be said...

I assure you that this is not my normal type of post. And this won't be the last time you'll hear me speak of cancer. If you are a new reader, Hello :) Some of you may know, my father passed away with cancer in April of 2009. I watched with my own two eyes my father pass before me. It was the hardest, most difficult and painful thing I have, and probably will ever, experience in my life. So to hear of Steve Jobs' passing, it really tears my heart apart. I've of course (probably like many of you) heard this over the internet and news yesterday.

Many people, such as myself, are a loyal Apple, Inc. customer, who truly respect the company and will forever be life long customers, especially because of a mastermind like Steve Jobs. I've seen more than the fair share of people badmouthing his passing. "True heros are the one's who die for their country." Blah blah blah. Have you no compassion? He was human. He had cancer. He worked until TWO months before he died. That is a TRUE hero. My father was no different. He died just weeks after he stopped going to work. If none of you have seen cancer take someone's life, you are truly lucky. But for those of you like me who've seen the strongest man you've ever know be stripped down to nothing but dead weight, it's painful. And I am completly and utterly PISSED OFF at such cruel people on this planet. Even if Steve Jobs did nothing with his life, and Apple, Inc. never existed, he's still a human life taken by a terrible terrible disease. Fifty-five years old is far too young of an age to die. My father was only 51. If you love or hate Apple, another life was taken. Please just be respectful. He has a family in mourning right now, and cancer has yet again, won. I just hope people shut their mouths regarding whatever you feel about him and just keep your nasty opinions to yourself.

I found Steve Jobs to be brilliant, smart, respectable and influential. I'm so deeply saddened by his loss, and I will continue to be a faithful customer of the empire he built. Regardless of what he had done, he's a hero in my eyes. May you rest in peace, Steve.


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