Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Kitties!

I am one proud mama. I can't help capturing cute moments of my boys, especially on Halloween! They were so adorable and cute, I couldn't stop snuggling up to them! 

I actually was rocking this headband all day yesterday and today and couldn't help but to put it on Bennie, too. He wasn't too fond of it, so I was surprised to capture the moment! He sure looks stellar! 

Bogart is pretty tiny, so this pumpkin wouldn't fit on his head. Heck, the pumpkin is even bigger than his head! So he was snuggling up to it instead! I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe holiday. I will be finishing my night cuddling with my boys and watching some scary movies. 


ps. I have updated some new info on my blog (including my layout). Here is Sponsorship info, as well as Contact info, incase any of you were curious! :)


  1. Your cats are adorable! I am getting so obsessed with cats lately, watching youtube videos and looking at pictures, i think I should get my own haha!


  2. Thank you! Cats are awesome, they are sooo loving, it's the best! :)


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