Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Wooo, it's been quite a while since I posted. Sorry for the small hiatus. Funerals will do that to you I suppose. Now I promised you all that I would do a nail post on my favorite polishes and colors. Here they are!

Here's a few of my favorite polishes and colors. Sally Hanson is the greatest. Every line they have lasts for quite a while. I love that! Beyond color, the longer the polish stays on w/o chipping, the better. Revlon is a close second when it comes to lasting. 

I can be pretty cheap when it comes to shopping for nail polishes. I'm not one to not buy a color if it's a 'cheaper' brand. You can always improvise and use that color for other things...such as polka dots, lines and nail designs. You don't always have to use a polish just for a solid color! 

I have stated before that Nicole products aren't my favorite. But I do adore so many of their colors. This glittery sparkle is one of my favorites. When I first purchased it, I wanted my nails to be as sparkly as the bottle. I did three coats to achieve that and it chipped not even ten minutes after it dried. Recently, I had a similar purple shade and applied one coat of this glitter, and it lasted for days. So don't be discouraged on a polish if it chips. There's always ways you can utilize that color or brand. 

I just found this glow in the dark polish at Walgreens. It was 1.99! I can't wait to try it. I have a great nail tutorial in the works for this baby! My favorite shades are pinks, purples and blues for my nails. Another great brand (if you have this store in your city or town) is the Ulta brand. Those colors lasts for DAYS. I couldn't be more impressed with them! 

What are your favorite polish brands or colors? 


ps. Do you like the new blog layout? I was getting bored with the old one! :)

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