Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well I Suppose...

I wasn't going to post today. Why? I dunno. I'm not a fan of the whole "Valentine's Day" craze. No, I'm not bitter because I'm single on this day (although, last year was a different story). I'm just not a fan of a day that expects you to pour your love over someone, when it should be done everyday. But there is a deeper reason as to why I'm not like everyone else today. Let me elaborate.

Here's Rachel, circa 1994. It was the first year our class (I was in 1st grade) was able to share our valentines with whomever we wanted, not the whole class like they made us do the year before. I was SO excited. I made a valentine for everyone I could think of. So it was time for us to exchange valentines and place them in our handmade valentine lunch bags on our desk. Guess how many I got? Just guess....one. One pathetic valentine. I was completely devistated. I knew pretty much the whole class didn't like me (I talked WAY too much and was really annoying), but I didn't expect that. So I crossed this day off my list forever, even at the ripe age of 6.

The only times that I liked about this day was when my dad used to give me a small box of chocolates. It really made me feel loved and appreiciated. My dad was good like that. But otherwise, it's just another day. Even when I was dating someone during this day, I just was bored by it. Can't blame me, can you? But I always try to make the best of it. So tonight, I will be spending my night with me mum and we will be watching Drive (heard wonderful things about it, mmm, Ryan Gosling) and eating pizza. Perfect. night. ever.

So happy...nevermind.


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  1. Omg thats so sad! I was talking to someone about why I always feel sick on Vday and I said I think it's bc as a kid, you have the pressure of getting Valentines in your bag and then jr high/high school your current "boyfriend" will get you some cheap crap from Walmart ect.

    Last year, my nephews name was left off his class roster and he almost didnt get any Valentines and it broke my heart.

    lol I'm super sorry that happened to you. Even if you were annoying. I had to sleep with my mat behind the teachers desk in kindergarten because I talked too much. So I hear ya. Us annoying gals must stick together!


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