Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summa Tymeeee

Hey all! It's finally getting gorgeous here in Wisconsin (about time, you all know what I'm talking about, well, the one's that live here anyway). Our Spring and Summer started off quite slowly but now it's getting into high gear hitting the high 90's to the low 100's tomorrow, and staying back in the high 80's for the rest of the coming week. Personally, I'll take 70 and sunny, but I've been pretty excited actually for some HOT weather. I know my plants have been wanting this heat for some time. I'm hoping they get a burst of growth during the sun and hot heat. It's also coming up on the 4th of July. It has to be in my top 3 favorite holidays of all time. Nothing better than grilling out with your family by the pool, picking flowers in the country, and drinking a long island ;) Then closing the great day by watching fireworks with the one's you love. NOTHING is better than that! I've got a busy busy weekend ahead. I'm going up to Eagle River for a day this weekend, which I'm quite excited for (hoping to get some great pics), and trying to spend as much time with my wonderful friends and family as possible. And maybe creating some new goodies for my shop. Speaking of my shop...I have created a coupon code good starting today 6.30.11 going thru the 4th of July! It's for 15% off my entire shop! Awesomeness! Can't go wrong with that, can ya? So make sure you pick up some goodies this weekend! Make sure to enter code "HAPPY4TH" upon checkout at my Etsy shop ONLY. I hope you all have a safe & happy 4th of July. Make sure to spend it with the one's you hold closest to your heart. I know I will... <3

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wakey Wakey!

Who really blogs at 3:37 in the am? This girl! Here I am WIDE awake pondering things and letting my creative juices flow for my shop. I just don't know where to begin or what to start creating. Sunday's are usually my big "time to make something new, so hop to it" day. I try to make a new scent or a new product of something to sell in my shop. I think we have done pretty darn nifty since our official opening on Etsy. I'm glad to make over 20 sales in about a month's time.

I've been thinking a lot about plants lately and their purpose. I find it incredibly fascinating that one plant, grown from a seed & then bloom to a beautiful plant, could hold such powerful properties. How it could heal something as simple as a cut or a scrap or something so large as depression. I find that mind boggling really. How is that possible, and how was it proven to actually cure those things? How did someone think to say "Hey, look at this plant, lets try it and see what it does"! Call me weird, but I just think it's awesome and just so...crazy (in a good way). I'm one of those people who tends to over think things (can't ya tell, hehe) and look much farther to find a deeper meaning (tends to get me in trouble a lot of the time actually...). I just am blown away at each purpose and each plant. Most people are so closed minded to the wonderful world that's surrounding them. That all things on the planet (natural things of course) have a specific purpose and are there to help us. That you could step outside your door and find a dandillion which can cure a wide range of things...and yet, most people kill them, instead of harvesting them for their awesomely amazing healing properties. I'm sad to say that I was one of those close minded people...until something sparked in my brain that told me that these plants, these natural ingredients and all the things around me are here for a reason. To help us, to cure. It seriously makes me feel so much better inside to utilize these gifts. Man, I sound like a crazy person here, but it's true. If you don't  know much about herbs, I HIGHLY suggest you research them. Just look into it, you will be simply amazed. I promise you that much. You may not believe it, but all this stuff has been used for centuries. It's on our planet for a reason. It's so much better than the chemicals you're stuffing in your body or applying to your skin or hair. Natural is the way to go. It's not a fad, it's a way of life.

I guess enough ranting about that stuff. There are a few things that will be coming up in the near near future. I have a Bug Spray (I think I mentioned something in a post or two back), cuticle oil (hoping to make this today actually), a beauty salve, and some other goodies as well. I'm actually in the works of doing a Wisconsin Balm line for my shop. It's pretty cool (if you're a Wisconsinite). It should be out sometime this week I'm sure. So yeah, I have a lot of work ahead of me. Man, sometimes it kills to have a full time job (I'm not complaining though), just so pressed for time.

Before I conclude, the pic above is my all purpose Cocoa Salve in a 1 oz tin. This baby is AH MAZ ING. I can't tell you that enough! It's gorgeous and works on soooo many things, I simply lost count on all the neat things it works on. My favorite is my nails. I apply this every time I wash my hands (my hands dry out really quickly), and then apply lotion afterwards. My nails have never been this good or healthy. It's something worth checking out. I have a .25 oz sample up for purchase as well, incase you are skeptical or don't want that much. Well, I think I'm gonna head off to bed, long day and I think if I don't stop now, this blog post will be as long as my house :p

~ Rachel

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Tincture's Galore!

Good Sunday all! So the photo you see above is my Catmint and Chickweed tincture getting their drink on! :p Well, not really, but they are submersed in 80 proof vodka. They will be in this state for about 4 weeks or so. I will be using the Catmint for a bug repellent (No More Skeet Skeet - Love it!!!) and the Chickweed is for my personal use. I can't wait for the bug repellent to be done. But sadly, I have to wait (and sadly, so do all of you). But I'll update more about the Catmint tincture in the coming weeks...

Above are a few of my plants for my garden. I have yet to transfer them into the ground (pft, thanks to my busy schedule). You see Rosemary, Mint (that looks like it's dying), Calendula and Chamomile. And for some reason, some random plant decided to grow along with my Calendula and Chamomile...

Organic Zinnia's I grew from seedlings...

Lavender <3

And my Catmint plant! Which is a wee bit lopsided today. It had too much fun in the thunderstorm we had this morning I suspect... Spiders love this thing (which doesn't make me too happy cause I'm not a fan...Not to mention it's below my bedroom window, ack!). My garden is a slight mess at the moment, seeing it's not quite done yet, so pardon the mess. I'll post some new pics once everything is planted and all the grass is cleaned away. :)

Today I will be making my Cocoa Salve to be sold in my shop (yay finally, right?). Also Blue Raspberry and Mango'd for Strawberry's Lip Balm. That'll be up in a few hours. And BIG congrats to Kathleen who won our Salve and Lip Balm giveaway. Make sure to like our Facebook page to get coupon codes and to enter our giveaways in the future!!

Have a good Sunday all <3

Monday, June 13, 2011

Sneak Peek!!

This my my pride & joy. I am sooooooo incredibly proud of this product and can't wait to get it in my shop ASAP! This is my all natural all purpose salve in a tube. It's 2 oz of pure natural ingredients that are GOOD for your skin and will work wonders at curing dry heels, elbows, knees, cuticles, lips, scars...the list goes on and on and on. And seeing that there is peppermint essential oil in this product, it works wonderfully on your chest when you have a cold. It is truly all purpose. This product will be for sale sometime next week in my shop. I couldn't wait to get the word out on this product. I hope you are all just as excited about this as I am <3

Shim Shim Shimmmmer

One of my new obsessions is Mica Powder. I just love the shimmer it brings your lips. It makes a plain balm oh so special!!! The balm above is Peppermint Shimmer, which is now in my shop. I love this balm because while it gives your lips shine and sparkle, you also feel this wonderful cooling sensation thanks to the peppermint essential oil! It feels great in the hot heat, it's almost like an air conditioner for your lips. Mmm, just what we need, right? :p

Monday, June 6, 2011

S u m m e R

It's official, summer is finally here! So you know what that means?? Awesome summer scents will be pouring in! Pina Colada is the first of many flavors to come! I'm so excited to have a these fun and fruity scents to finally come out! We'll also be listing a gift pack of 3 balms for 10 dollars that comes in a muslin bag hand painted with leaves by me. That listing will be up very soon! My calendula & olive oil infusion is finally finished, so our all purpose salve will be up very shortly! Please keep an eye out for all these sweet new products <3

Saturday, June 4, 2011


What a crazy hectic week this has been! I still don't feel that I am fully adjusted to being home from Crandon. My mind is still checked out and up north! I sold out on a lot of my balms (so awesome), but that means I need to work double time to get those made up, in addition to making new balms to put in my shop...not to mention my all purpose salve! The calendula flowers and olive oil is done infusing, so tomorrow morning I'm going to strain it out and hopefully have some salves ready for sale sometime this weekend or early next week! I'm going to make "Funny Honey" balm tomorrow morning, and it should be up in my shop this weekend...I'll also be making Pina Colada, new batch of Monkey Business & Cherry Bomb, as well as Peppermint & Green Peppermint shimmer balm. I'm excited to get this all out, but man, I'm already exhausted thinking about it :p I hope you all have a great weekend <3

Where my mind currently is...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


My new favorite. Has a slight hint of shimmer, smells wonderful and moisturizes your pucker to perfection. Try it out, trust me, you won't regret it! Don't forget the coupon code "Lovebalm01" to receive 10% off your entire order. This is for the first 10 purchases, four slots are already gone, 6 remain! Who knows, maybe you'll get a free gift too!! ;)

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