Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I apologize that this is an extremely belated post. I've meant to do a nail post weeks ago, but I finally had time to do something fun that I thought was worth sharing with you all! 

I was inspired by this post by Nailside (this is a very awesome and inspiring nail blog that I love so so much)! I was ready to try something festive. I used the white dots as snow, drew a few snow flakes and had a very pretty glitter nail. I really wish I had a more steady hand to make better snowflakes with, but I do love the snow idea I came up with! 

I was a little bummed that most of my polish peeled off not even 24 hours after painting. I suppose moisturizing my hands prior to painting and using latex gloves at work today didn't treat my polished nails too well. More excuse to paint them again, right?? :) 


Oh, and for you Big Bang Theory fans out there, I am currently watching episode "The Wheaton Recurrence" where Sheldon and Wil Wheaton battle each other over a game of bowling. During this episode, Sheldon explains he created three websites..., and I took the liberty to see if these actually exist, and indeed they do. I am excitedly in geekdom happiness right now. I just love when shows/movies/etc say things in their show that are viewable in real life. So fun!  


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  1. I hate when my nails chip after a day. I just repainted mine red today. I like classic red.


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