Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Getting to That Time Again...

That time when I want to go back to Crandon. Sometimes the urge takes awhile, sometimes it happens right away. But I want to go, now. I want to take that 5 hour car ride up to the tip top of Wisconsin and breathe in the Northwoods crisp fresh air. I want a fire, I want to be on the water, I want to find eagles in the sky. I want to catch a fish (seeing this past summer I didn't, boo)!!! 

I wish we went up there in the winter. I want to go ice fishing and snowmobiling and do fun winter activities outside. I wish I could see how beautiful Crandon is in the winter. I wish it wasn't twice as cold up there as it is in Milwaukee (and Milwaukee gets COLD)! But I guess I'll just have to buck up and wait until the end of May until I get to see my beloved once more. 

What I really love about Crandon is you never know what you'll see. This past summer for instance, I seen two baby eagles, a couple female cranes calling for mates, a golden eagle (and quite a few bald eagles, Yay!) and the list literally goes on! Granted, we see all that wildlife everytime we go up, but I can't help but to feel captivated and at peace, and I always go back wanting to see more. Next year, I want to see a bear (from a distance), I want to catch a northern & a muskie, I want to see a deer reaaaallly close up (and even pet it) and I want to find a Hodag. I want to finally gain enough courage to use the outhouse (that is FILLED & covered in spiders, ew). I want to get over some fears I have and create new traditions. I can't wait to take my SLR up north to get some real great pics of the sunsets. Oh, and I want to see the northern lights! Now I feel that this is turning into a bucket list... Oh, I hope these months pass fast. 


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