Sunday, December 11, 2011


I can't believe how quickly this weekend has passed. Today I dyed my hair dark redish brown. I'm actually rather sad about this...because I had to say goodbye to my red. I'm broker than a joke and I can't afford my red dye and I had some dark brown on I had to use that. My roots were out of sight! I'll post a photo one day this week of my new do, but it's almost exactly this color (this is a year old):

I loved it then, so I think I'll be okay :p It does still have a red hue to it, thankfully. It'll just be hard to get used to. Today I tried curling my hair with a flat iron (I got the idea from Elycia) and it worked out pretty well. My hair hardly, if ever, curls. But I did get a wee bit of a wave goin on. It was fun to do! She's got a week of vlogs going on and they're pretty hilarious, so you guys should check it out! I think I should do that (but man, I feel so shy/scared to make one)..maybe soon :)

Well I'm off to watch Home Alone 2 and warm up because I'm freeeezing!! 


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  1. Your last post has been making me want to watch Home Alone all week! I like vlogs but I'm too nervous to ever make one.


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