Monday, December 12, 2011

Hair Itch...

Ah!!!!!!!!!! I want to dye my hair a FUN color. Red is the most fun I ever got, and golly-bee, I want to do more!!! The Dainty Squid has to be my favorite blog of all time. Everything she posts just makes me jealous. I love her style, hair and creativity. I have major hair envy when it comes to her. In a perfect world, this would be my hair:

And this...

One day I need to gain enough courage to do this! But first I need to start small. Like Elycia for example...

I'm considering doing chunks of fun colors and going from there. Sounds like a plan I'd say. Soon after the holiday's pass and my wallet will start collecting $$ again! 

Would you ever dye your hair a fun color? If so, what color?


  1. those are both sooo great looking!!! I'm afraid to put blue in my hair because of it fading weird, but I have had pink in my hair for about a month.

    I would recommend special effects dye. I tried Manic Panic first, and it just didn't do so well with my hair.

  2. Yeah a lot of the blogs I read recommend different brands depending on what color it is. I'll have to try that!! I'm really ready to dye my hair a fun color!! I'm tired of the ordinary :p

  3. Oh, you should check out this post from the Dainty Squid on different brands to use, incase you want to try a different color other than pink :)

  4. I'd love to have blue hair! I used to want blue hair when I was little. I'd like to try different wigs just to see what it looks like.


  5. OOh thanks for heading me over to that blog post! There are things on there that I haven't read anywhere else! :) I really wanna turn my entire head of hair a different, bright color, but haven't worked up the courage, yet. That's why I just put a little bit of pink in my hair.


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