Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Love/Hate Relationship With Antique Shopping!

Oh, this story is pretty much as epic as Romeo + Juliet. Actually it's not. But it's close. My mom is an antiques nut. Ever since I was a wee little baby, she's been dragging me to antique malls, thrift shops, estate sales, rummage sales and the like. Some days I'd love it, but most days I'd hate it. And here I'm mostly talking about antique malls (I love thrift shopping). 

Why do I hate it? Because you rarely find treasures in a load of junk (and my mom is an extremely slow shopper, ugh, so it doesn't make shopping easy). And most of those treasures are OUTRAGEOUSLY priced. That's why I hate going. Why fling the few things I want in front of my face & I know I can't have it? Especially when I know I can get it cheaper at say...Goodwill (when I can find it that is)!? We went to three huge Antique malls today in Waukesha, WI after church. She bribed me into going, especially telling me we'd only go to 2 of the three (and that I'd get the second and third book of the Hunger Games trilogy, hehe). Yeah, that never happened. But anyways, so I took a few Instagram shots in the malls (I'm too chicken to bring my normal camera with me) & I'd like to share them with you! 

They had a lot of really old photographs, like this one, she actually creeped me out. Must be that murderous look in her eye ;) 

Cute little tins!

The girl planter on the right is SO pretty. I have one similar to her in my room, even with the pearl earring, but she isn't as pretty as this one!

An old cash register.

Guys, I wasn't kidding when I said my mom is really in to antiques. She collects and sells them to antique dealer(s). See that dresser and end table? Yeah, those used to be ours. This is the main booth my mom sells to. It was really odd to see a lot of our stuff in there, especially because my mom uses all this stuff to decorate our home (then she gets sick of it and sells it). 

I really want the top Pyrex bowl. Like now! :)

Lovin this dresser!

Pretty bead detailing on an old antique bag. 

Okay girls my age, do you remember this Barbie?!?! Part of the "Wedding Party" collection. I squeeled when I seen her, because I HAD (well, still do, somewhere) this doll!!! Oh, memories :)

I did score some goodies (I will be sharing in another post), but I made sure to only buy stuff that was REALLY cheap, or fairly priced for what I wanted it for. I seen a lot of stuff I already had in these antique malls, and what was sad was their pricing. I know these people need to make money and all, but when most of those items are a dime a dozen, you shouldn't be charging five dollars a glass when you could go to Goodwill RIGHT NOW and get it for 49 cents. Legit. Call me whatever you like, but I really hate it when people abuse their pricing rights. Okay rant over, haha. Do you guys like going to antique malls or thrift shops better, how come?



  1. I like to go to Antique places occasionally just to eye the treasures and what not but I've never really bought anything either because it is so expensive. I always just go thrifting to goodwill and stuff. Also, if a place says "boutique" it might be pricey and sometimes consignment shops can be expensive. I usually just look for the word "thrift" in the title and I know I'm good.

  2. yessss. hunting in thrift stores is half the fun. why pay someone eighteen times as much to find the treasures for you?? don't rob me of that joy.

    1. Agreed! Thrifting just makes it more fun! Never know what you may find :)


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