Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You're late - A wizard is never late...

Summer summer summer. For some strange reason, I feel like this summer is just flying by. My birthday is less than a month away (groan), and I feel like it just past. Fourth of July came and went (the pic above was taken at my Aunt's house, as well as the few to follow, on the 4th). Time feels like it's escaping me...that I don't have enough time to do all the things I want to...in my work life, social and personal...and especially when it comes to my shop. Incase any of you were wondering why nothing really new has been posted lately, I've been working "behind the scenes" - or so to speak, getting book keeping and shipping stuff in order. I'm trying to build up a quick and efficient way to get all the things I want done in a timely fashion. Before I peel into that, here are a few more flower pics I took. 

Pretty in pink <3

A country blur. My fav so far. 

I had recently reorganized an area in my room for shipping and inventory. As I always say, "It's an organized mess." That goes for my desk at work, and hell, even my life in general ;) I was packaging orders today, getting all that out of the way before I head up to Crandon on Thursday night. I have come up with a few fun ideas for my shop that isn't bath and beauty related. I've been trying to create accessories from old shirts from the thrift store. I'm testing out a few ideas. Not quite sure if anything will come of it, but it's got my mind running with new things to try! I received an awesome camera from my grandmother that she bought my grandpa before my mom was born (50+ years people)!! I bought black and white film that I cannot wait to try out. I'm hoping to take it up north this weekend and get some great shots of nature. I haven't worked with a film camera in yearrrrrs. So I'm very excited! 

This is my little shipping station! It's half of my dresser. I got the neat white stand from my brother. I have all my labels in folders and shipping stuff organized in there, business cards and old bags on the bottom, tape on the side and some other things. It's nice to have everything in one spot now instead of it sprawled on my bed. I actually really enjoy packaging orders for some reason. I'm an organization freaktoid, so that's probably why. Sorry if this post didn't have much meaning, just kind of talking out of my ears today and making sure everything is in order before I leave this weekend. I won't be closing my shop, all orders ordered from Thursday until Sunday will be shipped out on Monday. I will renew any sold balms from my phone up north (pending reception). Tomorrow is the last day for the buy one get one free deal on lip balm and 1 oz tin of salve. 


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