Saturday, July 23, 2011

B o r e d .

I haven't been bored in quite some time. I'm always rushing somewhere, hanging out with someone, out of town, working, working, working, driving somewhere across Wisconsin or just plain busy. But right now, I'm bored out of my mind. And guess what?? I'm okay with it!! It's unusual for me to feel this way, but I'm happy with it. I slept in past 9 today for once, I laid around and watched movies (we finally have movie channels again, but I'm not a tv person usually, so I feel weird doing this...watching tv that is), played with my doggies, and read blogs. I feel like I didn't even sleep last night. Lola slept with me. This is the second night in a row that we both were woken up during a thunderstorm. And her being a Chihuahua (and sadly, not fully potty trained), I had to take her outside in the storm. That was interesting...

Yesterday I picked up my nephew in Edgerton, WI, where he lives. Every other weekend my mom and I drive to pick him up...we drive through the beautiful farmland of Wisconsin. It's probably my most favorite drive that I've been on in Wisconsin. I had taken an old camera my grandma recently gave me (that's over 50 years old) with us to take some neat country photos. I had purchased black and white film for it too. I did most of the candids while driving, not realizing that the film only allowed 12 photos to be taken...oops. I hope they turn out...but anyway, I love how each special location of my home state is different. For example, in SE WI, it's mostly city and lakefront. In Northern WI, or the "Northwoods", it's just nothing but complete woods and reservations (which I love). In Northwestern WI, you see the Mississippi river, bluffs, farms, woods, everything. Okay, so maybe I may like NW WI better than the Southwestern...maybe. I love going by my dad's hometown because once you're out of Milwaukee, the air changes...the scenery changes, you change. It's hard to explain. But it's wonderful.

There are a few places in WI I have yet to explore that I'd really love to...if most of you didn't know this already (which I'm sure you do), WI is home to a few...erm...serial killers. Not proud of this, but I'm always in to a good scary story. I always wanted to drive to Plainfield, WI where Ed Gein resided. He actually was from La Crosse, WI, where my dad was from. His dad owned a butcher shop a few blocks away from my dad's house. Scarrrry. But anyway, I always wanted to go there for some reason. Another place would be Door County. It's a nice home away from home area. Bed & Breakfasts, wine tastings, small quaint shops...Just a cool place I always wanted to go. Another place is the Summerwind Mansion in Vilas Cty, WI. When I was in Eagle River with my friend Liz a few weeks back, her bf's family was telling us about the Summerwind Mansion, and how it was struck by lightening 3 times and burned down. The foundation is still here. It supposedly was haunted, which I love, and a lot of spooky things had happened there, and even after the fire. Google it, it's really interesting.

So yeah. Sorry for rambling so much on here. I guess it's a place for me to release the oddness that's floating around in my mind...even if it doesn't make much sense :p One of my favorite things right now is slouch hats. I just purchased this one and got it in the mail on Thursday.

I've been wearing this pretty much since I got it. It looks awesome with my red hair. My mom thinks I'm nuts though, seeing it's so hot outside. But I've only been wearing it in air conditioning ;) I got Lola this cute little pixie hat as well...

I just love these items. I'll have to get some pics of them soon...perhaps when it cools down some. Well I think I'm going to call it a night soon. I'm going to watch a scary movie, eat some ice cream, and snuggle with my pooches! <3

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