Thursday, July 21, 2011

We, Are Warped

Whelp! I feel so behind. I feel bad that I haven't progressed very far recently when it comes to my shop. Life has been crazy the last few weeks (thank you summer). Now, you ask what have *I* been up to. Oh, you know...Camping, the 4th of July, spending time with my friends and festivals, swimming, ya know ;)

I came back from Crandon this past Sunday. Oh man, I was a buffet for the skeeters. They were HORRIBLE. My arms weren't touched (go figure), but my feet got mangled. My bad for wearing flip flops and not spraying them... This trip was by far the most gorgeous. I drove up this time, instead of going in one car with a bunch of people. My cousin, Luke, road with me. We had a good time laughing and blasting music. It was great. I give my uncle many many kudo's for driving up so many times with so many people. That drive wiped me out. Which it really shouldn't because I'm used to driving back & forth to La Crosse (3 hrs 1 way from me, where my paw is buried) in one day. But still.... I was the only person out of 10 people this weekend to not catch a fish. I don't have good luck it seems. I got a bite though......BUT! I got some amazing eagle photos. That was intense all on it's own. I was standing right below her while she was circling around. I had gotten a video of it, which I think I'll upload sometime soon. Our internet is getting changed, so I'm crossing my fingers that it's faster than what we have now...

This is the Bald Eagle completely zoomed out on my camera. And me, standing on a boat directly below her. It was like I had wings and was flying right beside her. Words cannot express how exhilarating that was. I wish I could feel that free all the time. 

The photo above...for some reason, I don't like. It's a good shot of the eagle, but I think my exposure was down too low at the initial time of taking the photo. I tried messing with it on my computer, but I think it looks worse. Oh well :p

This picture though, I really like. I messed with this one also, the original looked like I had taken it in January. I just love the bird minding his own business in the leafless tree. He was a cutie!

This is what I'd like to call a "Money Shot". It's gorgeous, fascinating, beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring and it makes me really really proud. Not to actually take this photo, but to be so close to something so beautiful and something that holds such strong relation to my home. It's pretty awesome to say the absolute least. What's the next best thing to an experience like this? Seeing baby Bald Eagles together in a tree. THAT my friends, is a loss for words. I couldn't believe my eyes. For some reason, no matter how many times I see an eagle, or any large bird really, I get so mesmerized. I just love birds. But anyway, it was great to see two beautiful babies (they didn't look like babies though, they were HUGE) together in a tree waiting for their parents.

They were giving me cute little faces too. It was adorable. I love how they look exactly the same here. Smiiiiileeee. Hehe. But that's not the only thing that was crazy this weekend. We rescued this cute girl, Lola.

She's a Chihuahua, almost 2 years old, such a sweet little girl. She loves to cuddle and she looooves treates. She jumps like a jumping bean when she gets one or see's her leash to go outside. Hehe, I just love her to pieces. She got along pretty well with our other doggie, Lady Jane, she's a Cocker Spaniel who's 4. The cats aren't too fond of this one, but they'll get used to her in no time! Well, I think I rambled on enough I suppose. This post didn't have much meaning behind it other than me taking some sweet pics and getting a new doggie. I'm hoping to have some new stuff made this weekend or my preping out of the way. Either way, new stuff will be up! Good evening all <3

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