Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Day of Independence!

Happy 4th everyone. I hope you all are enjoying this beautiful day with the one's you love! I had gone up to Eagle River, WI Saturday night and came back home yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous drive up to the Northwoods. I seen a couple Bald Eagles on Catfish Lake. It was awesome. Gotta love the sun and a great breeze on a boat in the summer. <3 Today I formulated my bug spray, No More Skeet Skeet. I'll be trying it out over at my aunt's house to see how well my formula turned out. If all goes well, you should be seeing that up for sale sometime this coming week :) What's great about this particular spray is that it lacks Deet, which isn't the best for your body (ahem, poison)! I have used a few popular insect repelling essential oils, along with a catnip tincture which bugs hate (cats on the other hand, watch out, they love it)! It smells fun to us, which is awesome, but the bugs are gonna say seeee ya! I can't wait to get this out in my shop! The photo above I took yesterday of an old barn of a church. For some reason, I got a dark vibe every time we passed this barn, so on our way out of town, we had to get a pic of it before we headed back to Milwaukee. Spooky eh??

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