Wednesday, July 13, 2011

R a m b l e

I want to be able to find a job where I'm not confined to only a cubicle. I want to find a lover that doesn't get sick of hearing me tell him I love him more than once a day - there is NO such thing as being loved too much, EVER....don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I want to be able to use my creativity in all aspects of my life. I would love for my work life to equal the same happiness as my home life. I want to have a big family someday, on a farm in the country, with horses and dogs and sheep and chickens...I want to grow my own food and herbs for my shop so I can ensure that my customers are getting the highest quality they deserve. I want to be able to grow old, very very old, with someone and I want them to feel the exact same way about me. I don't want to act guarded around this someone, but be my complete dorkish self without shame, as well as him too. I want to find someone who has the same aspirations as me, and not shun me if I never get there. I want someone to support my craziness and be there for me when times get tough, not run the other direction like all the other men I have encountered thus far. I want someone who loves nature as much as I and who wants to live out in the woods sometime in our lives. I want to be able to create without boundaries, where ever I may be, and for my future kids to be able to do the same. I want some one to understand my crazy sense of humor and laugh along, not look at me like I'm crazy. :) I just want to love someone unconditionally forever. Not just short term, but for the rest of our lives. I want it to be like the movies, to grow old and happy together. That's what I want. That's on my list of things to accomplish before I die (I'm hoping much much sooner). I know some may seem far out of reach, but you cannot limit a dream that can become an easy reality. <3

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