Thursday, May 26, 2011


Just think...24 hours from now I will be in the very place that I have been wanting to be for the last 8 months now. I feel so much love for this place, almost more than any love I have ever experienced in my life. This place is so special to me. Last summer, the first time going to Crandon, WI, I experienced an out of body moment. I can't even begin to describe what happened or how it happened. But my perception of life had at that moment forever changed. I seen everything from a different perspective, my heart got lighter, I began to fear nothing and I loved everything around me. I loved feeling the wind brush up against my face, gently moving my hair from side to side. To see the blue dragonfly land on my shoulder and to welcome my new buddy with a simple smile. To catch my first fish, and not be scared to hold him and let him go back to his home in the water. To see an endangered animal swoop down from the sky into the lake to catch a fish and fly away. I could go on and on. I wish everyone could experience this, and to think that tomorrow, I will be back there again, to see wildlife at it's finest. To be at the place that made me stronger and want to wake up after two people I loved dearly left my life. Crandon helped me survive, and tomorrow, I'm going to say thank you <3

I know I will get loads of inspiration for my shop and if I can, I will update. If not, I will take loads of pictures and share them with you all on Monday! <3 Happy Memorial Day and thank you all that have served and lost your lives defending my freedom. I am forever in your debt...

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