Saturday, June 4, 2011


What a crazy hectic week this has been! I still don't feel that I am fully adjusted to being home from Crandon. My mind is still checked out and up north! I sold out on a lot of my balms (so awesome), but that means I need to work double time to get those made up, in addition to making new balms to put in my shop...not to mention my all purpose salve! The calendula flowers and olive oil is done infusing, so tomorrow morning I'm going to strain it out and hopefully have some salves ready for sale sometime this weekend or early next week! I'm going to make "Funny Honey" balm tomorrow morning, and it should be up in my shop this weekend...I'll also be making Pina Colada, new batch of Monkey Business & Cherry Bomb, as well as Peppermint & Green Peppermint shimmer balm. I'm excited to get this all out, but man, I'm already exhausted thinking about it :p I hope you all have a great weekend <3

Where my mind currently is...

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